U.S. Stuck With Racial Division. The Census Should Measure It Scientifically

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Lance Welton
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9 September 2018
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Our American Future
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The next U.S. Census is scheduled for 2020. Apparently the Trump Administration has not fallen for Obama Era plans to change the questions on race to further reconstruct America, although it does want to revive the 1890-1950 practice of asking about citizenship, shamelessly opposed by the usual suspects and the kritarchy.... Which is good, but what’s really necessary is to go onto the offensive: make the census questions reflect what modern science says about “race.”
America’s Ruling Class has a schizophrenic attitude towards race....
The problem, as two recent books on race show in painstaking detail: the racial categories used on all government forms in the US are, biologically, nonsense.
The typical U.S. government form—where you’re asked to fill in your ethnicity—differs depending on who issues it. But in general, the Liberal Elite’s “Races of Man” are: White, Black, Hispanic (sometimes divided into Hispanic White and Hispanic Non-White), Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American..."
But in his soon-to-be-published book, Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, British psychologist Professor Richard Lynn sets out a huge body of data implying that US race categories are simply not fit for purpose.
A “race”, he tells us, is a breeding population separated long enough from another breeding population to have adapted to a different ecology, leading to consistent differences in average gene frequencies between the populations. ...
Another recent book, J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective by Lynn’s colleague Edward Dutton, presents evidence for the minutiae of these consistent race differences....
These studies set out the genetic assay data which proves that there are about 10, and possibly 12, distinct races:
    North Africans and Arabs
    South Asians a.k.a. Indians
    Northeast Asians a.k.a. Orientals
    Southeast Asians
    Pacific Islanders
    Native Americans
    Arctic Peoples
    Australians (“Aborigines”) and New Guineans
... And understanding this reveals what nonsense official US race categories are....
America’s official racial categories, however, predict very little…possibly because those who come up with them find it so psychologically conflicting to have to think about “race’ at all....