U.S. Supreme Court to decide whether North Carolina will count mailed-in ballots after November 6

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Geller Report
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20 October 2020
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National News
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This will be Amy Coney Barrett’s first case. #ACB
Bringing order to the Democrat chaos.
By Carolina Journal Staff, October 25, 2020, :
Raleigh, NC – The U.S. Supreme Court will decide soon whether N.C. election officials count absentee ballots received by mail between November 7 and November 12. Two sets of plaintiffs filed paperwork Sunday, Oct. 25, arguing for the high court to block those ballots from being counted.
The plaintiffs are seeking an emergency injunction to block counting of ballots received after Nov. 6, which is three days after Election Day. A 5 p.m. Nov. 6 deadline is set by state law....


Supreme Court: Wisconsin Can’t Count Absentee Ballots Received After Election Day, Breitbart, October 27, 2020.

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