Vaccine mandates contrary to CDC’s own playbook

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Joshua Sharf
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Complete Colorado
Article date: 
17 August 2021
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Colorado News
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Last week, AEG Presents: Rocky Mountains, which produces concerts at the Ogden, Gothic, and Bluebird Theaters, as well as Fiddler’s Green and Ball Arena, announced that it would be requiring proof of vaccination for all concert-goers. While most bars and restaurants are resisting doing so, that list has been growing in recent days, too. That follows vaccination requirements for state and local government workers put in place by Governor Polis and Denver Mayor Hancock. (Governor Polis followed his lockdown playbook by instituting the vaccinate-or-get-tested requirement days after denying he was considering it.)

Ironically, decades of well-established research suggests that mandates will have the perverse effect of increasing suspicion and fears of vaccination rather than mitigating them. Even more ironically, we know this from a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) document from 2018 about how to keep public trust during an epidemic....

In this case, the risk involved isn’t the risk of COVID [the China virus], or the latest iteration of the coronavirus.  By now, after nearly two years of following the story, most people think – rightly or wrongly – that they basically understand that.  It’s the risk of vaccination, which is what community leaders are trying to persuade them to do....

... studies from Israel, England, and the Cleveland Clinic strongly suggest only marginal benefit from vaccination....


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