Victor Davis Hanson Offers Analysis On Outcome Of The Midterms

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Victor Davis Hanson
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Real Clear Pilitics
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10 November 2022
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Our American Future
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... During the COVID-19 lockdowns, American elections radically changed to mail-in and early voting. They did so in a wild variety of state-by-state ways. Add ranked voting and a required majority margin to the mess and the result is that once cherished Election Day balloting becomes increasingly irrelevant....

It is intolerable for a modern democracy to wait and wait for all sorts of different ballots both cast and counted under radically different and sometimes dubious conditions.

The Democrats -- with overwhelming media and money advantages -- have mastered these arts of massive and unprecedented early, mail-in, and absentee voting. Old-fashioned Republicans count on riling up their voters to show up on Election Day. But it is far easier to finesse and control the mail-in ballots than to "get out the vote."...

Democrats still voted for Democratic candidates, regardless of Fetterman's clear cognitive inability to serve in the Senate and despite President Joe Biden's failures, harm to the middle class, and unpopularity....

Winning or losing means revving up party bases, not running as much on a variety of issues. Biden's vicious attacks on conservatives as semi-fascists and un-American worked...


What all those Democrats voted for in the midterm election

Victor Davis Hanson on the 2022 Midterms:


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