Video: 20 GOP governors stupidly agree to settle more refugees

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Have their constituents demanded this? NO!
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Ann Corcoran
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Refugee Resettlement Watch
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4 January 2020
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National News
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In just a little over 5 minutes last night Tucker Carlson in a segment on the US Refugee Admissions Program and the President’s efforts to reform it, explains exactly what we have been saying for weeks in dozens of posts.
Especially interesting is the focus on phony Christian charity as Carlson’s millions of viewers learn that it is federal contractors masquerading as charitable religious groups that have successfully lobbied Republican governors—18 so far—to thumb their noses at Trump and ask for more refugees for their states!
It is vitally important that you send this far and wide. Hat tip: Brenda.



18 Republican governors have explicitly requested that more refugees be sent to their states. Have their voters demanded this? No so what's going on here?...
[ Ned Ryan]: refugee resettlement has nothing to do with Christianity and has everything to do with the immoral behavior of these governors and quite frankly a perverse incentive for these government funded charities that are acting as refugee contractors grifting off the American taxpayer
Michelle Malkin's written about some of this but the US State Department is paying these refugee contractors over $2,100 per refugee of which they get to keep 45% and then they're doing this this campaign on these governors saying you have to put your Christian charity into action and in an act of cowardice most of these governors from red states are giving in to this ...


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