Video: Ann Coulter: Caravan Migrants Conveniently Coming to ‘Biggest Welfare State in the World’

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29 October 2018
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National News
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New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says a caravan of at least 7,000 Central American migrants are headed to the United States for welfare, not to seek asylum.

During a debate on FOX11 Los Angeles, Coulter said the caravan of previously deported illegal aliens and job-seekers from Central America are merely looking for public benefits rather than asylum, as the establishment media has repeatedly claimed.

Coulter said:

None of these are asylum cases or they’d stop in the first country they get to. The idea of asylum is something like there’s a holocaust, there’s a potato famine. No this is how these people always live which is why all of different countries want to come to the … biggest welfare state in the world, that is the United States. [Emphasis added]

Dumping poor people on America is not making us better. They are far more likely to be receiving welfare. And that’s just your average illegal immigrant and immigrant. [Emphasis added]

Coulter said that if the caravan of migrants were looking for asylum, they would be stopping in Mexico. Instead, as Coulter notes, the migrants are continuing to head for the U.S....