Video: Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes.

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Mark Crispin Miller
Article date: 
3 December 2020
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National News
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Is election theft possible in the United States?  And might the suspects live closer to home than the Kremlin? Professor Mark Crispin Miller, author of numerous books and articles on computerized election fraud, explores the very real possibilities. 

This video was published on November 4, 2016, and is absolutely applicable to the 2020 election.

Can U.S. Elections Really Be Stolen? Yes.



Video: Scott Adams: bullying to hide their cheating. #StopTheSteal, Twitter, December 5, 2020. "Everybody's looking for this - little bits of evidence of whether this electionn was stolen or not - it's complete misdirection. You don't need evidence if bullies chased out the witnesses. Let me say that again. BULLIES CHASED OUT WITNESSES in key cities. So keep that fact - this one little fact, just this one little factt - bullies chased out witnesses to the vote count."