Video: Chinese Immigrants Speak out: Stop Cultural Revolution in America

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Lily Tang Williams
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4 October 2021
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Our American Future
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In light of what's happening in today's America, four Chinese immigrants who love their new country -- the USA -- feel compelled to come out and share their personal stories from China. Some of them have witnessed the catastrophic Proletariat Cultural Revolution launched by Chairman Mao from 1966 to 1976. Some of them have worked within the CCP's system. They all have one thing in common: they do not want to see a repeat of China's Cultural Revolution happening here in America. 

Transcript of three of the four speakers:

hi my name is lily I was born and grew up in  china I was two years old when Mao started his  
Cultural Revolution I was 12 when he died imagine  I was 4 years old my memory started with seeing  
a dead man's body naked floating on the water  of this very deep community shared water well  
I was told years later that he committed  suicide and he was a "black class"  
Mao used the Cultural Revolution to purge his  political enemies he shut down schools and told  
the red guards to go to get rid of "Four Olds"  old culture ideas habits and customs so they did  
toppled down statues burned churches temples  burned books and cultural relics looting shops  
and homes with old cultural items and made black  class people to go to "Struggle Sessions" publicly  
denounced themselves shamed them made them  apologize for their past and made the children  
denounce their family and change last names they  also changed names of streets schools institutions  
to show that they got rid of the old names  censorship self-censorship they were everywhere  
the press controlled by one-party dictatorship  constantly feeding propaganda in our daily lives we did  
not know what truth was law enforcement was told  to stand down where people being tortured publicly  
and there's no rule of law no due process 20  million people died during the 10 years social  
political chaos I was a red child working poor  class I was brainwashed I mean i thought Mao  
was like a god I'm very concerned terrified  to see what is going on on American soil today  
divide and conquer citizens is a typical marxist  communist tactic I hope people realize that  
I would hate to go through  another cultural revolution
my name is Xi Van Fleet I left china to come  to America 35 years ago the Chinese cultural  
revolution started in 1966 it lasted for 10 years  until Mao's death in 1976 I was a first grader  
when the cultural revolution started I spent my  entire school years in the cultural revolution  
after I graduated from high school I was  sent to the countryside to work in the fields  
to be re-educated by the peasants during the  cultural revolution I witnessed the red guards  
rampage through my city in search of anything old  to destroy because Mao ordered them to dismantle  
the Four Olds old ideas old tradition old customs  and old habits the red guards tore down buddhist  
statues and temples they went door to door to  raid homes to smash old furniture old books  
old vases and old whatever many were beaten  some to death the red guards also changed  
the street names school names and store names  even personal names to be politically correct  
these red guards were thoroughly indoctrinated  youths from colleges and public schools  
they became the destructive force of the Chinese  civilization now America has its own red guards  
they too are the indoctrinated youth trained by  the indoctrination mills of our public schools  
and universities we see the American red guards  on campus silencing any conservative voices  
we saw them on the streets during the summer of  unrest of 2020 burning and terrorizing our cities  
they have also become a destructive  force of the western civilization and  
the American civilization if we want to save this  republic for our future generation we must act now
hi my name is Amani I was born and raised in china  I was born a year after Mao died therefore I never  
suffered physical hunger like my friends did but  I suffered a different kind of misery and pain  
the starvation of the mind I worked for a top  multilingual radio station in china for eight  
years in the 2000s what I experienced there  taught me that the cultural revolution in the  
Chinese media or propaganda sector never truly  ended only one voice was allowed the party's  
only one opinion was the correct opinion  the party's our job was not to report facts  
but to keep a positive image of china under the  communist party's glorious leadership and demonize  
the western and democratic countries as evil  where their people were suffering and oppressed  
we were constantly trained on how to direct  the public opinion in the correct direction  
silencing and vilifying all those who  disagree with the party's narrative  
yet in today's America especially during the last  18 months I've seen a strange change the media  
the educational system and the big corporations  here all seem to have unanimously adopted the  
same tactics to drown out different voices only  those who agree with them are encouraged to talk  
those who disagree are not only ignored but often  labeled mocked shamed and outright silenced those  
who dare to speak their minds often risk losing  their jobs and being shunned by the communities  
that they grew up in this is why I feel compelled  to come out and speak my truth because I've seen  
it all happen before in china and I'm appalled  to see it happening here again in my beloved new  
homeland destruction of the mind starts with the  destruction of free expression and suppression  
of a person's curiosity and ability to question  and to disagree it will not solve any problems  
in real life or lead to enlightenment instead  it will destroy the human spirit the culture  
and environment of free thoughts free exchange  of ideas creativity and innovation thank you 



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