Video: If illegal aliens weren't counted in the U.S. census, Democrats would lose dozens of House seats

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Vicki Batts
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Open Border News
Article date: 
12 November 2018
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Our American Future
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... Waves of illegal immigrants, which are counted in the U.S. census, are taking away the voice of legitimate American citizens, by skewing the way in which House seats are distributed among the states...

The radical Left encourages illegal immigration not because they care about the plight of immigrants, but because they want to take over.


How does illegal immigration effect representation?

As Ammoland explains, there are only 437 seats in the House of Representatives. With an estimated 320 million people in the U.S., each seat represents approximately 800,000 people.

With at least 20 million illegal immigrants who get counted in the U.S. census, this means that an increasing number of those 437 seats do not represent American citizens, but rather illegal aliens. As Ammoland reports:

States like CA where upwards of 20% of the population are illegal aliens get a BIG boost in their representation in the House of Representatives based on population size. Traditionally Southern states with large African American populations get shorted. Just for fun let see how many house seats are represented by the 30 million illegal aliens in our country? The answer is 37.5. Now spread these around judiciously across the country. How many Democrats owe their house seat to the votes of Illegal aliens? You can spread these illegal aliens around and swing 60 or more house seats to the Democrats.

The Center for Immigration Studies ( reported on this phenomenon more than ten years ago. In 2005, CIS Director of Research Steven A. Camarota provided testimony on the impact non-citizens have on congressional apportionment, both in the House and in the Electoral College:



Illegal immigration affects the distribution of Electoral College votes as well, which ultimately means that even if illegal immigrants don’t go out and vote, they are still affecting our elections — by ensuring that our most liberal states get more influence....