Video: Japanese Economist: Sweden Was Ruined by Immigrants

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Chris Menahan
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6 October 2017
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National News
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Japanese economics commentator Takaaki Mitsuhashi warns his fellow countrymen not to follow in the footsteps of Sweden and open their borders, lest it lead to their destruction.

Video translated by Viewpoint East on YouTube:


YouTube commenter Brave said in response to the video: "As a Swede, people of Japan please listen to this man! my country has been destroyed by our left wing hippie commie politicians by bringing in millions of Muslims. These Muslims are of course not all bad but most of them don't want to learn Swedish and they don't want to integrate into our society because they put Islam before anything else and in a few decades they will be the majority here and our country will be lost forever, DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THAT SWEDEN AND MANY OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES HAVE MADE, THESE MUSLIMS ARE BARBARIANS HERE TO CONQUER ANY LAND THEY ARE LET INTO, STOP THEM BEFORE IT IS TO LATE!"
Bomullsträd wrote: "I'm Swedish and he is completely correct. I hardly feel like I am living in Sweden anymore. It's not even contained to those areas. Go to the city centre of Gothenburg and you'll see at least 50% of the people are arabs/africans. Go outside of Gothenburg and you'll still see black sheets walking around the streets. You can't escape it. Something will snap sooner or later, they outbreed us."


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