Video: A nation of immigrants

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Michelle Malkin
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20 August 2018
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Our American Future
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The common narrative today is that after decades of globalism, hard-hearted Americans now seek to close the nation’s borders to new immigrants. But the truth is that the United States maintains the most generous immigration policies in the world. However, as CRTV host and author of Invasion and Sold Out Michelle Malkin explains, a few ill-conceived immigration policies are threatening to destroy the American Dream for Americans and aspiring Americans alike.



While this video presents relevant informaton on mass immigration, it should be noted that the Statue of Liberty never had anything to do with immigration, notwithstanding what the fundraising plaque leads us to believe. See: Statue of Liberty - Liberty Enlightening the World. The video references the plaque with a satirical bent, as Michelle Malkin is well informed on America's immigration history. See Assimilation and the Founding Fathers, by Michelle Malkin, July 2, 2010:

... as I’ve noted many times over the years when debating both Democrats and Republicans who fall back on empty phrases to justify putting the amnesty cart before the enforcement horse, we are not a “nation of immigrants.” This is both a factual error and a warm-and-fuzzy non sequitur.... Eighty-five percent of the residents currently in the United States were born here....

The Founding Fathers were emphatically insistent on protecting the country against indiscriminate mass immigration. They insisted on assimilation as a precondition, not an afterthought. ...

In a 1790 speech to Congress on the naturalization of immigrants, James Madison stated that America should welcome the immigrant who could assimilate, but exclude the immigrant who could not readily “incorporate himself into our society.”
Alexander Hamilton wrote in 1802: “The safety of a republic depends essentially on the energy of a common national sentiment; on a uniformity of principles and habits; on the exemption of the citizens from foreign bias and prejudice; and on that love of country which will almost invariably be found to be closely connected with birth, education, and family.”...



Additional commentary from Montanans for Immigration Law Enforcement:

This video is well done. Unfortunately, it opens with two concessions to open-borders propaganda.
It's unfortunate, first, that Michelle invokes the famous statue and the poem, since the statue's actual title is "Liberty Enlightening the World," and ***it has nothing to do with immigration***. The statue's purpose was to call attention to America's ordered liberty as an example for the rest of the world, NOT to welcome immigrants. Read Roberto Suro's op-ed in the July 5, 2009 Washington Post, "She Was Never About Those Huddled Masses".
And Suro's first recommendation is, "Let's get rid of The Poem."
Even more unfortunate is the use of the mindless catchphrase "nation of immigrants." The problem with that was well explained by John O'Sullivan (himself an immigrant) in his review of Samuel Huntington's 2004 book Who Are We?  
"Huntington punctures several comforting national myths dear to both liberals and conservatives but false and sometimes destructive in their current implications. He points out, for instance, that the U.S. is not 'a nation of immigrants.' It is a nation that was founded by settlers—who are very different from immigrants in that they estabblish a new polity rather than arrive in an existing one—and that has been occupied since by the descendants of those settllers and of immigrants who came later but who assimilated into the American nation. Americans therefore are under no moral obligation to accept anyone who wishes to immigrate on the spurious grounds that everyone is essentially an immigrant. Americans own America, so to speak, and may admit or refuse entry to outsiders on whatever grounds they think fit."

For more excellent informative videos, see PragerU.