Video: On Statue Toppling & Socialism’s Divisive Push in America

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Dinesh D’Souza
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Epoch Times / Whatfinger News
Article date: 
2 July 2020
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Our American Future
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The welfare systems of Scandinavian countries are often touted as examples of socialism implemented successfully. But how is the “democratic socialism” being advanced in America today fundamentally different? Why are vandals targeting not just Confederate statues but also the statues of people like Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant? And in the eyes of Dinesh D’Souza, what is the moral flaw at the heart of democratic socialism? In this episode, we sit down with author, filmmaker, and public intellectual Dinesh D’Souza, to discuss his latest book, “United States of Socialism.”


Lest We Forget: A Plea Against Iconoclasm, by Sarah Toman, New Discourses, June 27, 2020.

The Destructive Marxist Subversion of American Society, by Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh, July 1, 2020:

Spreading around the country, Black Lives Matter, on the payroll of elitist billionaires who want to change society in their utopian global Marxist vision, have taken over campuses making outrageous demands. The university, the bastion of freedom of speech and assembly, of tolerance, of diversity, caved like a house of cards to the demands of a few crazed lunatics, rusted 1960s wheels squeaking the loudest the same worn-out communist drivel.

Why exactly are we sending our children to college? Are we paying overpriced tuition to transform them into radicals crying racism, bigotry, and manufactured white privilege, in the most tolerant country in the world, while they take full advantage of minority grants, minority scholarships, affirmative action, and quotas?

How did we reach such a point where waves of violent, well-armed, well-organized militant protesters across the country are instigating fiery riots, looting, and destroying urban areas with a vengeance? How did mostly white college students change into brainless rabid Marxists, and with the help and coaching of their college professors, turned upside down the former bastions of higher education into a grotesque and intolerant self-segregating quagmire?

As statues and monuments of all types are being toppled and destroyed, regardless of historical facts, many collegiate organizations are demanding that all historical buildings with names that inflame them be changed to a revolutionary name of their choice.

Safe spaces were created and dedicated specifically to students who were never slaves nor oppressed. White students chained themselves like slaves and begged forgiveness for crimes they did not commit....

Are we going to revise now the entire history of the United States because someone along the way must have been offended and that offensive historical occurrence must be redressed now by wiping out or removing those reminders from textbooks? Are we going to empty out all museums, bulldoze all monuments, and burn all libraries except those approved my Marxist-Leninists?...

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, a KGB propagandist and defector, was interviewed by G. Edward Griffin in 1984. During this lengthy interview, Bezmenov explained the method of ideology subversion, a form of psychological warfare, a deliberate sabotage that changes the subjects’ perception of reality. Such method of brainwashing was so successful that, in the face of ample evidence, documentation, facts, and knowledge, students still believe what their academic handlers told them in schools, in movies, and in the mainstream news. Bezmenov described how this massive brainwashing by design occurred in four stages....

Demoralization, Demoralization, Crisis, Normalization...

Video: KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America, 1983. Well worth watching: