Video: Tucker Carlson discusses key takeaways from the US census

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Tucker Carlson
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14 August 2021
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National News
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Census: White population declines fir first time on record; Hispanic population booms. Democrats win when we have fewer White people in the country, and that's why they are celebrating these census numbers.

"This is fabulous news. Now we need to prevent minority White rule." - Jennifer Ruben, The Washington Post.

This is about power and control. The funny thing about the Rubin narrative is basically that White people are being marginalized, but you're not allowed to notice. You're not even allowed to talk about it. And if you disagree with them being marginalized, you are racist....

The truth is that the spectre of White supremacy is used to fuel the growth of a corrupt political order, and Whites are in fact the victims in this system....

If you look at our culture of affirmative action, we've disadvantaged White people in this country in jobs and schooling...

The Uniparty is a real thing. The ruling class in this country has deconstructed the nation it was entrusted to govern and invited millions of people into this country...

But historically, this is what imperial and colonialist governments do. They encourage division between groups - in other words, making people hate each other is the point....

It is anti-civilizational. If you want to destroy a society, this is how you do it.

- Pedro Gonzalez, Chronicles Associate Editor