Video: What California migration means for Colorado elections

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An explanation of how Colorado became a sanctuary state for illegal aliens
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Complete Colorado
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20 June 2019
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Colorado News
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Colorado keeps on growing, but have you ever wondered where all those people are coming from? Ben Engen from Constellation Data & Analytics took a hard look at census data and found that between 2004 and 2017, just under 457,000 people moved to Colorado, with California by far the number one source of that in-migration (just over 98,000), followed by Illinois and New York. In fact, those three states together supplied over 38 percent of new Coloradans.
These are reliably blue states politically, and while Engen found they are mostly sending unaffiliated voters our way, the results of the last several elections are an indicator of their political leanings. He also notes that at the same time, voter registration has grown by roughly twice the number of new people moving to Colorado, with the edge Republicans once held vanishing. Of the outfits doing voter registration drives in Colorado, Engen found “a dozen left-aligned organizations, one conservative one.”...

Benjamin Engen from Constellation Data & Analytics joins host Jon Caldara to discuss the in-migration and out-migration to and from Colorado over the last 10-20 years. How many Californians are coming here? How many Coloradans are leaving for greener pastures?