Video: Will Trump's executive powers solve the issue? America's 4 Major Crises

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Wide Angle with Brendon
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Brendon Fallon
Article date: 
25 December 2020
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National News
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In part 2 of our double episode on what lies ahead for the Trump camp in the wake of the Supreme Court rejection, we explore three crucial avenues President Trump has to reversing the ‘reported’ election result—The legal avenue; the congressional avenue whereby Congress would ultimately vote to determine the next President, and the presidential prerogative power avenue. The latter being the most controversial yet also potentially effective in preserving America’s freedoms in the face of significant domestic and foreign threat.

We look at four major crises currently facing America, which save for comparisons to such extreme scenarios as the Civil War, are virtually without precedent. In the face of massive failures of government, complete debasement of constitutional law and the encroachment of destructive agents bent on overturning society what but the most drastic action, like the imposition of martial law, could be effective in preserving the Union.

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