Waking Up the Lions

Article author: 
Ray DiLorenzo
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
16 May 2021
Article category: 
Our American Future
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The time has come to be brutally honest about our country, what is going on, and hopefully waking up America and getting them to Stand Up.
  •  Businesses can’t find workers because the Democrats want it that way
  •  There is little gas in the Southeast because the Democrats want it that way
  •  There is inflation rearing its ugly head because the Democrats want it that way
  •  There is war in the Middle East because the Democrats want it that way
  •  Our borders are not secure because the Democrats want it that way
  •  We have significantly less security now than when Trump was president because the Democrats want it that way...

Businesses can’t find workers, especially in Blue states, because people are being paid to stay home... This fabricated worker shortage is to justify their illegal immigration push, to create new Democrat voters, raise the minimum wage, put many small businesses out on the street, and make big business happy. There is also a move to send a fourth stimulus check with talk of a guaranteed income. They want to vastly increase entitlements. It may sound nice to the ignorant, the uneducated, but to everyone else, it means slavery. When Biden said, “The Republicans will put you back in chains” remember, Democrats always accuse the opposition of what they intend to do... They scream democracy, democracy, but they will have none of it....

The Democrat party has been taken over by far left Progressives, and Marxist socialists. Their goal is to sellout, and dismantle America to a point where the majority of Americans will cry out for more government control....

You sheep out there, go back to sleep. But all you lions, wake up. We have work to do.

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