Wall Street Journal Page One Article Pushes Global Disaster

Article author: 
Donald A. Collins
Article publisher: 
Church and State
Article date: 
28 July 2021
Article category: 
Our American Future
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 As a longtime WSJ subscriber, I am accustomed to getting solid reporting on financial news, but I often disagree with its editorial views.
Thus I was somewhat astonished to find on its July 25th page one story bemoaning the failure of our failing to add to our population and others also including China. You can read that article here [U.S. Population Growth, an Economic Driver, Grinds to a Halt - Covid-19 pandemic compounds years of birth-rate decline, puts America’s demographic health at risk, Wall Street Journal, July 25, 2021]...
These authors in fretting about not enough growth in human numbers to drive our economy upwards parrot the perennial argument, which now based on dangerous planetary conditions, rings so hollow.

Endless growth on a finite planet is madness and requires a complete rewriting of our present and projected plans for handling global growth and the mandatory reduction of human numbers.

As numbers will without doubt begin to decline, as planetary circumstances force a decline, nations of the world, led we can hope by the USA, shall have to come to a global consensus on how peace and prosperity can best be obtained and maintained....

These pro-growth WSJ authors must not read the news about the worldwide human turmoil appearing daily in their own paper and in all responsible media....
It would appear that the views of WSJ’s editors parallel that of so many major global leaders in failing to grasp the urgency of these threats to human survival.
I will mail a copy of my new book “We Humans Overwhelm Our Earth: 11 or 2 Billion By 2100?” to the Journal’s new Editor in Chief Matt Murray, who could see the smoke from his window in his office from the wildfires in Oregon....