Watching Washington Foment Nuclear War

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Paul Craig Roberts
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The Burning Platform
Article date: 
2 June 2024
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National News
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For two years Biden was absolutely adamant that no US weapons could be used to strike Russia. Now he reverses the policy - aka, he lied. So where’s the pushback? Congress, media? What could be of greater consequence than lying the country into war with a nuclear superpower?
Michael Tracey

Biden, Blinken, and NATO have made another U-turn. The long range missiles that Ukraine could not use for attacks on Russian territory can now be used that way, but, for now, only on military targets. But the distinction between military and non-military targets is a distinction without meaning or substance. All modern wars are attacks on civilians and infrastructure...

Russia will simply attack the sites from which it is being attacked, so the long range missiles will contribute nothing to Ukraine’s defense. Even worse: as the Kremlin knows the missiles have to be programmed with targeting information by US and NATO personnel, Russia regards the countries responsible for the targeting as combatants and targets. We are on the verge of the final widening of the war...

We have reached the point where Putin is telling the West to back off or out come the nukes.

But no one in the West hears...

Where is a responsible Western leader to diffuse this dangerous situation? Why are there none? Keeping Russian Donbas in Ukraine, where it should never have been put, is not worth the war that is being fomented...

It is mind-boggling to actually watch Western leaders foment a nuclear war...

The problem is that except for Orban and Putin, every Western political leader is committed to war for no justifiable reason.

There is no reason for the pending war. Ukraine can exist as a neutral state. Washington can pull back its presence on Russia’s borders...

The American neoconservatives’ nonsensical demand for US hegemony can be abandoned. Whatever the consequences of accepting reality, they are better than nuclear war....


An Urgent Letter to Vladimir Putin, by L. Reichard White, Lew Rockwell, 15 June 2024.

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