We’re Not Going to Talk Our Way out of This

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The Left's not in a talkin' mood, so neither should we be
Article author: 
Theophilus Chilton
Article publisher: 
The Neo-Ciceronian Times
Article date: 
22 March 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... It's certainly wonderful to think that "all we need to do is find ways to constructively disagree with each other,"... But there's a tremendous difficulty with applying this to the modern ideological divide between Right and Left... The difficulties lie in that this line of thinking implies that there are two sides which actually want rational discussion and a settling of differences rationally. Yet, there are not.

Indeed, what the Left wants is precisely the opposite of this. The progressive Left has not, does not, and never will seek some sort of accommodation with its ideological enemies. Instead, the Left seeks to acquire for itself the institutional and social power to silence its enemies. Ultimately, this proclivity stems from the very nature of what drives the "progressive idea," which is that the "arc of history" is always bending towards the advancement of what the Left believes is "progress." Since this trend is inexorable, there is no need, ultimately, to compromise with the Right, merely find various ways to outlast them and hasten their demise...

Indeed, the Left has absolutely no desire to see a "free and open exchange of ideas" because when that happens, they lose... it nearly always takes the form of screaming about "fascism," "racism," or some other slur designed to signal to their fellows the presence of an enemy...

Consistently subjecting progressives to targeted ridicule from all sides will prove much more difficult for them to refute...

Those in the Dissident Right need to understand (if they don't already) that we're at an asymmetrical disadvantage. Trying to employ the same public civil tactics (demonstrations, activism, etc.) that progressives are able to employ are not likely to be successful...

What I'm essentially describing is the use of Fourth Generation Warfare (4GW)... Using 4GW affects every level of a conflict (and make no mistake, we are essentially in an undeclared civil war with the progressive Left right now...)...


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