The Progressive Threat

18 September 2022

The Progressive Threat

"The Progressive Threat" is a small pamphlet by David Horowitz that succinctly describes the mindset of the progressive left. It's quite readable, and says a lot in the span of a few pages.

The pamphlet is a worth reading in order to better understand the destructive progressive mindset.






From The Progressive threat, FrontPageMag:


In his new pamphlet, "The Progressive Threat," David Horowitz examines the "criminal mentality" of the left which leads it to promote revolution and genocide in the deluded belief that "the moral arc of the universe bends towards justice." Driven by utopian fantasies, progressives believe that change can only be achieved by the complete and total rejection of our entire system of laws and institutions, no matter what the cost in human lives and suffering.

Horowitz traces this "outlaw" mindset of the left through history, from the Stalinist revolutionaries who slaughtered 100 million to achieve a Marxist utopia to the present-day doctrine of Critical Race theory which casts the United States Constitution as a "white supremacist" doctrine that must be overthrown.

"The Progressive Threat" is an essential guide to understanding the true motivations and strategy driving the Left's assault on our nation’s laws and Constitution.


Why are the Democrats deliberately producing runaway inflation? Can they not see the damage it causes to Americans? Horowitz points out that runaway inflation is a tool deliberately used by Democrats to destroy the capitalist system:

What, then, could the Democrats be thinking in pouring fuel on the fires of inflation? The Biden Democrats who have poured trillions of dollars into an already heated economy look on the United States Treasury as a bank that can be robbed. As progressives, they feel licensed to rob the nation's bank by the nobility of their mission, which is to save the planet. In their eyes, the money represents the fruits of exploitation made possible by a "white supremacist" capitalist system. In such a system, money is not earned but is extracted by socially sanctioned power. This is a system which they are pledged to destroy.

The inherent criminal mindset of progressives is aptly described by Horowitz:

All self-styled revolutionaries are criminals in the making - by nature. What makes them revolutionaries is their rejection of the entire system, its institutions and laws....

The rationale justifying the criminality of today's progressives is Critical Race theory. A cultural Marxist obscenity, Critical Race Theory maintains that America's Constitution is a "white supremacist" construct... social justice warriors who are "anti-racist" are bound not to respect either the Constitution or the laws within its framework.

Horowitz describes the Biden Regime's treasonous great replacement scheme:

Next to the Confederate succession of 1861, which led to the Civil War, the greatest crime committed against Americans by other Americans, is the Biden progressives' calculated, illegal destruction of the southern border. According to current estimates, this has led to a situation in which America is now being invaded at an annual rate of 2 million unvetted illegals, coming from 150 countries.

Horowitz goes on to explain how the progressive assault on sovereignty began in 2004 with the creation of law-breaking "sanctuary cities," a movement deliberately designed to sabotage the Patriot Act by preventing deportation of would-be terrorists.

He then discusses Obama's law-breaking DACA executive action, which Obama himself said he was not authorized to enact.

Writing about the hierarchy of oppression, Horowitz states:

Perhaps the most common conservative reaction to progressive ideas is one of bewilderment. They're from a different planet, inhabit an alternative universe; They're insane! Even moderates employ these phrases to express their inability to understand progressive mentality.

Progressives may indeed be operating in an alternate reality, but they nevertheless have gained power in America and are systematically and intensely engaged in an effort to undermine racist capitalism and Constitutional America.

review by Fred Elbel


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