The West Can’t AFjord to Let Norway Die—And Norway Doesn’t Want To

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Harri Honkanen
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Article date: 
30 June 2018
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National News
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Norwegians have a sense of self-confidence that their Scandinavian neighbours can hardly dream of. Their gerrymandered close relationship with the European Union, and their elite’s fervent advocacy of Multiculturalism, has clearly rocked the nation of 5.5 million, but the damage is nowhere near as severe as it could be. The descendants of the Vikings simply won’t be pushed around to the same extent as the Finns or the Swedes.
Following the “Nordic Model,” Norwegians pay very high taxes in return for being looked after from the cradle to the grave: free higher education, free care for the elderly, even income-related fines for traffic violations. Which means that the living standards of a doctor are not much different from those of a bus driver. But the Norwegians have a very high level of genetic homogeneity, even more so than Finland. They’re basically an extended family ...
Needless to say, Norway’s elite, is doing everything they can to wreck this. But there’s something about the Norwegians: you can only push them so far....
...  twilight zone between independence and EU membership means that Norway is subject to 21% of EU Laws, 70% of EU directives (the unelected EU leaders simply decree a new rule), and 17% of EU Regulations....
istorically, rape was incredibly rare in Norway. But the Islamic rape-wave began slowly but surely. 100% (!) of rapes committed in Oslo between 2005 and 2010 were by what the police called “men with a non-Western origin” (code for Muslim)....
The website ‘Save Our Sweden’ has painstakingly documented, in English, what is happening to its neighbour. By 2016, over 5% of the Norwegian population were Muslim, not including asylum-seekers yet to be regularised. In the same year, the chief of Oslo Police declared that the Norwegians had essentially “lost the city.” The Grønlund district, in particular, is little more than a Muslim caliphate. There are Sharia patrols and drugs are openly sold in the street.
The new Norwegian insistence that foreigners must integrate has had some interesting unforeseen consequences....
Unlike relatively large and authoritarian Sweden , or authoritarian high social anxiety Finland , Norway combines genetic homogeneity, with the self-confidence of small-nation nationalism, lower social anxiety than Finland and a long history of real democracy.
Norway may have lost Oslo. But it might be able to keep the rest of the country Norwegian—as the call to the prayer floats across the Swedish and Finnish borders.