What are we getting for our "investment" in Zelensky?

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Tucker Carlson
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24 December 2022
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National News
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“Give me money so I can demand more money!” Our seriously-broke country has no business giving away anything for free, let alone this kind of coin to a lawless authoritarian state halfway around the globe.


Partial transcript:

... What exactly are the terms of this? Now that we're talking finance?

When do we get our dividend checks?

Zelensky didn't specify that, but at one point in the speech he provided a-point.

Are the tens of billions of dollars you're sending me with no audit and no concrete proof of what I'm actually doing with it, will all that money be enough" Zelensky asked rhetorically.

Answer? Not really...

The United States is broke in a real way. Meaning we can no longer afford to take care of our citizens.

For example, 15 million Americans are about to lose their healthcare coverage under Medicaid.

Now, these are people who got coverage during covid but will lose the coverage thanks to the provision in the $1.7 trillion spending bill about to become law.

Governors of various states have informed the Biden administration that the cost of keeping all the people on Medicaid is, quote, too high. It is high. It is high...

How much is it? Well, it turns out that $100 billion is roughly what congress has sent to our fast-talking Ukrainian friend in the sweatshirt in less than a single year. Just for comparison...


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