Why Nations Fight

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America's unarmed invasion
Article author: 
Robertson Boggs
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American Renaissance
Article date: 
4 February 2018
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Our American Future
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Virtually by definition, war is about the life and death of nations.
Single battles have changed the history of the world. If the Greeks had lost to the Persians at Marathon, Western Civilization might have been swept into the sea. If Charles Martel had not defeated the Moorish armies at Tours, Europe might have ceased to be Christian and European. If the battle of Gettysburg had gone to the Confederates, there might be two nations rather than one in what continued as the United States....
In all these conflicts, past and present, the issue is who will occupy and control the land....
Ironically, the most powerful nation in the world is now losing a war of occupation and control — and without fighting even a minor skirmish. Slowly, many parts of the United States are being occupied and controlled by aliens who are doing what conquerors always do: They are imposing their culture, language, and way of life.
This is most evident in the southwestern states and in southern Florida. Parts of these areas are now more or less as they would be if they had been invaded and conquered by a Latin American country. What would Mexico do if it conquered California? It would establish Spanish as the official language of school and government. It would expel much of the white population and replace it with Mexicans. It would abolish American holidays and replace them with Mexican ones. Music, food, education, work habits, and religion — all would become Mexican rather than American.
This is exactly what is happening in many parts of California....
If Mexico were to launch a military invasion of the United States, there would be a war and Mexico would be crushed. However, there will never be a military invasion. Thanks to massive immigration and to American cultural, national and racial capitulation, Mexicans are enjoying the benefits of occupation and control without the bother of war. White Californians, their culture, and their way of life are being pushed aside....
... In the long term, obliteration is what the United States faces, but not through war. The United States is being conquered — street by street, block by block — as aliens extend their occupation and control. If this invasion is permitted to continue it will be the first time in history that a great people was defeated and dispossessed without firing a single shot to save itself.


This article was originally published in 1991. Not much has changed.