Will Illegal Aliens Choose the 2024 Republican Nominee in Arizona?

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Arizona Democrats are exploiting a loophole that lets non-citizens cast a ballot in the 2024 election
Article author: 
Hayden Ludwig
Article publisher: 
American Conservative
Article date: 
6 January 2024
Article category: 
National News
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... An unprecedented move by Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes just opened the way for non-citizens - legal or otherwise - to register for and cast a ballot in the 2024 election. That includes Arizona’s Republican primary in March, meaning the same illegal aliens flooding across our open border could vote against the leading closed borders candidate, President Donald Trump.

... federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in federal elections (punishable by fine and prison time)...

The scheme was codified into law in December, when Fontes introduced a new elections procedures manual allowing individuals who have failed to prove their U.S. citizenship to vote in federal races...

... conservatives are learning to fight back at the ballot box. That effort is led by Americans for Citizen Voting (ACV), a conservative election integrity group....


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