World Immigration Today: Millions Want to Move to a Different Country, but the Majority of Residents Don’t Want Them

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Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
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13 December 2018
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National News
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According to a recent Gallup poll, more than 750 million people worldwide want to leave their home nations for jobs and free stuff elsewhere, from caravansters clambering over the Texas border to Africans crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Naturally, the United States is the top choice of the world moocher contingent — lucky us.

But the would-be migrants shouldn’t expect a friendly welcome from residents in the US or anywhere else on the planet. Pew Research reports that of the 27 nations polled, not a single one supported increasing immigration by a majority of respondents. The citizens probably feel overwhelmed by diversity, but that wasn’t a poll question.
Tucker Carlson discussed the subject with author Victor Davis Hanson on Tuesday.
Hanson spoke about the poll and more broadly about elite pro-immigration propaganda the promotes the interests of the powerful and wealthy.
    TUCKER CARLSON: Most Americans, according to surveys, don’t want more immigration into this country. Most Americans are also pretty used to being denounced as racist for having those views, but it turns out they are not alone — hardly. Skepticism in immigration is a trait they share with virtually everyone else on the planet. Pew Research surveyed people in 27 different countries on the question of immigration. In not a single country — and that includes Mexico, South Africa, Sweden — in not a single country did they find a majority that wanted more immigration into their country. So the question must be asked: Is the entire world racist?
    Victor Davis Hanson is a fellow at the Hoover Institution; he joins us tonight. Professor Hanson, thanks very much for coming on. So we’ve been told for — boy, many years — that our elites have an attitude about immigration: open borders are great. The rest of the world shares this with attitude with them because they’re enlightened, and only dumb people in Ohio and Alabama disagree. These numbers show that’s not true at all.
    VICTOR DAVIS HANSON: No it’s not, and the dissatisfaction comes because of the sheer numbers: I mean we have almost one-fourth of the world’s immigrants right in the United States, somewhere between 45 and 60 million, and people don’t feel the melting pot and the integration assimilation is working, and by intent, and then they look at countries that send people all over the world — China, India, Mexico, Turkey — and they lecture people on their supposed civic duties, and then those are the countries that are least likely to allow immigrants to come into their own nation and it kind of poses this question — if it’s so unpopular and people didn’t vote for this, why is it continued?
    And I think the answer is that whether in California or Nevada or Paris or London that the administrative progressive elite feel that they can take the short term unpopularity because they’re changing the demography and, you mentioned that with a prior guest, they’re creating a reason for larger government subsidies, entitlements and fealty with newcomers who don’t really process themselves into the assimilation process. And then I think they also virtue-signal that there’s so moral people and their their wealth or their influence or their positions insulate them from the ramifications of their own ideology. So they don’t put their kids in schools with 50 percent non-English speakers in the case of here in California. They live in gated communities they don’t feel that they’re going to experience the downside first hand; instead they say racists, xenophobes and that deters these people who don’t really make their feelings known unless the Pew poll or a poll like them ask them.
    CARLSON: But these are the very same people always lecturing us about democracy, so you’d think they care about what the majority wants because that’s the central principle of democracy but they don’t care.
    HANSON: They don’t care though; they don’t believe in democracy. They believe that people are ignorant and that they need an anointed elite to guide them. And they don’t really talk about the existential question, that is why are 250 million people on this planet moving in different directions, and it’s always from non-Western to Western or from non-Westernized to Westernized countries. And the left that oversees this process never says to themselves, Wow if you have a constitutional government, if you promote rationalism, if you’re tolerant, you have free-market economics, you don’t have gender apartheid, you don’t have tribalism — people want to come. So if they would just advocate that menu outside of the West, we wouldn’t have this problem. But they have this weird situation, where they welcome people in; as soon as they get in, they trash the country that they want to live in and they romanticize the country they’ve abandoned.
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