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Rep. Mike Coffman votes to uphold Obama amnesty

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Lamborn, Gardner vote to overturn Obama immigration order
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December 4, 2014
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Colorado News
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Colorado's next Senator, Rep. Cory Gardner, voted Thursday with most House Republicans to repeal President Obama's order allowing more than 4 million immigrants in the country illegally to stay, triggering accusations that his pledge to help immigrant communities during his campaign this year was hollow.

Gardner's fellow Republican Rep. Mike Coffman, who has also tacked to the center on immigration, was one of only seven House Republicans to vote to uphold Obama's order from last month. The vote was purely symbolic -- the measure will die in the senate, which remains under Democratic control until January -- but represents the first test of where Republicans stand on immigration after the election.

Colorado's two other Republican Congressmen — Doug Lamborn and Scott Tipton — voted to repeal Obama's order...