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Sen. Durbin Spills the Beans on Amnesty: Admits ‘DREAM Act’ a Ploy for Open-Ended Amnesty

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John Binder and Neil Munro
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October 8, 2017
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National News
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Democratic leader Sen. Richard Durbin confirmed to Breitbart News that the Dream Act amnesty is open-ended and larger than his advertised number of the 780,000 people who have signed up for the DACA amnesty.

Breitbart News asked Durbin on Wednesday how many people would be included in the amnesty, which is co-sponsored by South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham. Durbin answered by saying:

We’re aiming at the DACA population, which is 780,000, but the Dream Act leaves that open.

Durbin spoke at a press conference arranged by Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us advocacy group. The event featured roughly 100 illegal aliens. Breitbart News asked the Illinois Senator when he would have a public estimate for the number of people who would gain from open-ended Dream Act, and he replied:

I don’t know that we have numbers. We can tell you 780,000 DACA. You have got ask how many are eligible for DACA today that didn’t apply, and I dont know what that number is. I really don’t. It is going to be more than 780,000, but I don’t know what it is.

Breitbart News cited the estimates prepared by the pro-amnesty Migration Policy Insitute estimates, which shows that 3.3 million illegal aliens would be eligible to obtain amnesty under the DREAM Act...

Durbin’s admission that the Dream Act is open-ended raise the stakes for the Republican Party because the vast majority of likely beneficiaries lean Democratic — and because subsequent chain migration could deliver millions of lower-skilled, government-dependent legal immigrants to the polling booths in 2028 and 2032.
The bill allows beneficiaries to get citizenship in five years, or three years if they marry an American.
The DACA amnesty has provided benefits to 800,000 illegals, including roughly 690,000 who are currently enrolled...


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