Is Assimilation Even Possible Anymore?

Charles Murray recently observed that diversity is dramatically different in European countries than in America - see discussion in the article Is Diversity Our Strength? Ten west European countries have populations that are over 90% white. In America, whites amount to 60% and will soon become a minority. This is an important difference because in Europe, a large ethnic majority can set the terms of assimilation for minority immigrants. This is no longer an option in America.

Notwithstanding, there are those who believe that it is already too late for Europe - that large numbers of unassimilable, predominantly Muslim immigrants are have already fragmented European nations.

Jean Raspail (1925-2020) published his dystopian novel, The Camp of the Saints in 1973. It tells the story of the destruction of Western civilization via Third World mass immigration to France. There is no current publisher of an English language version of this novel. However, you can read:

The Camp of the Saints, by Jean Raspail, The Social Contract, Winter 1993-1994.

Book Review of 'The Camp of the Saints' by Jean Raspail, by Carol Joyal, The Social Contract. Summer 2000.

"The Camp of the Saints revisited", The Social Contract journal issue, Winter 1994-1995.

With that background, it is worth considering the article Jean Raspail’s New Warning, by Srdja Trifkovic, Chronicles, 5 November 2013. In the article, Trifkovic describes how Raspail believed that France's civilization is on the "road to disappearance." Trifkovic writes that Raspail "has no desire to join the big circle of intellectuals who spend their time debating immigration because, in his view, such talk is useless:"

[Raspail wrote]: "The people already intuitively know that France, as our ancestors shaped her over the centuries, is on the road to disappearance. The audience is being kept amused by endless talk about immigration, but the final truth is never stated. Furthermore, that truth is unsayable, as my friend Jean Cau had noted, because whoever says it is immediately hounded, condemned, and then rejected..."

Trifkovic wrote that "Raspail is particularly upset by the conspiracy of silence which is all-pervasive among the elite, starting with politicians. They pretend in public that all is well, but behind closed doors acknowledge the existence of the problem of immigration and identity..."

Trifkovic continues: "Raspail is adamant that assimilation of immigrants is not possible, that the model of integration is unworkable. Even if a few more illegal immigrants are expelled and a few more foreigners are integrated, says he, the overall numbers will go on growing—and nothing will change in the fundamental problem: the progressive invasion of France and Europe by countless Third World multitudes."

"There are only two ways to deal with immigrants, Raspail says. "we accommodate them, and France—her culture, her civilization—will be eradicated without so much as a funeral. In my view, that is what is going to happen. Or we do not accommodate them at all, which means we stop sanctifying the Other and rediscover our neighbors.'"

Assimilation is no longer working. The future does not bode well for France, nor for other European nations with only 10% or so unassimilable immigrants. Contrast that with the United States where Whites - representing the founding underlying culture - constitute 60% of the population and will soon become a minority.

The issue is not displacement of the White race per se. Rather, as explained in the article Is Diversity Our Strength?, there are demonstrable differences between cultures and races that lead to societal fragmentation. While America has been relatively immune to this fragmentation to-date, we now have been deliberately brought to a breaking point. Both America and European nations are threatened by unassimilable mass immigration.


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