A bit of history on illegal aliens and census counts - with a leftist spin

How about you and your neighbors take the locks off your front doors and put up a big sign saying "Free Food and Lodging". After a hundred undocumented residents move in, take a vote of all residents on whether to put the locks back on.

That's what our dysfunctional government is doing. We let millions of illegal aliens sneak across our border and evade capture, then count them in the decennial Census for voting purposes. Census counts are used to determine apportionment. The more illegal aliens, the more your vote is diluted and the more your tax dollars are allocated to districts will large illegal alien populations.

In a rational world, does it make any sense at all to count illegal aliens for the purposes of Congressional apportionment? The Democrat party thinks so because illegals are all future Democrat voters.

The effort to establish sanity in Census counts has been ongoing for 40 years. The following article offers a digest of this history. It is published on a site called Multicultural meanderings. The article was originally published on NPR - a decidedly left-leaning.organization funded by your taxpayer dollars,

Thus, it is important to first explain leftist code-speak used in the article:

"Immigration Hard-Liner" - a person who favors enforcement of America's immigration laws.

"Trump’s Census Obsession" - President Trump's legitimate concern about irrationally counting illegal aliens for Congressional apportionment.

"Unauthorized immigrant" - illegal alien.

"Hardline-group" - an organization espousing enforcement of Americans immigration laws.

"Extreme restrictions on immigration" - return to a sustainable policy of replacement-level immigration, as recommended by various national commissions and favored by the vast majority of Americans.

Additional bias is revealed in the article: Dr. John Tanton is referred to as living in a "mostly white resort town". That has no relevance at all to enforcement of immigration law and return to sustainable immigration numbers.

The author also plays the racism card by quoting Arnold Torres about Americans fearing a "browning of America". Every nation overwhelmed by unassimilable immigration numbers has to deal with the issues of cultural assimilation.

Read the article and reader comments: Immigration Hard-Liner Files Reveal 40-Year Bid Behind Trump’s Census Obsession, Multiculturalism Meanderings, February 16, 2021.

The original article is: Immigration Hard-Liner Files Reveal 40-Year Bid Behind Trump's Census Obsession, by Hansi Lo Wang, NPR, February 15, 2021.