The desperate Democrat party cultivates American divisiveness

I grew up a liberal Democrat. I couldn't help it - that was just the environment in which I was raised.

Back in the late 1980's I realized that the Democrat party no longer represented my core values and interests - they had sold out. Indeed, after learning more of history, I realized that the Democrat party was the party of slavery and Jim Crow. And they sure weren't democratic.

Today the Democrat party has metastasized into the party of open borders, identity politics, and divisiveness. They don't have real issues to profess, other than a fundamental transformation of America to Socialism.

James Kunstler made some interesting observations on June 12, 2020: The Party of Chaos and Falsehood:

...;the country has watched countless scenes captured on smartphone video of young people in flash mobs looting, trashing, and burning one city business district after another — but don’t believe your lying eyes, these were “mostly peaceful protest demonstrations” (Ali Velshi, MSNBC). The police mostly stood by and watched, under instructions to avoid producing a batch of fresh martyrs to feed the flames of rage stoked by the talking heads of cable news....

The Democratic Party Resistance apparently believes that all this mayhem, and the false sanctimony excusing it, works to their advantage in the coming national election. They may be disappointed about how that works out, as they’ve been disappointed in three years of previous gambits to overthrow the government and seize power by any means necessary. The picture of them is resolving into the party of bad faith, foul play, coercion, and tyranny. Even the corona virus scare carries a taint of Resistance manipulation. One moment the populace is hustled into an economically devastating lockdown; and then suddenly, on a fine spring day, they’re incited to mix in moiling mobs of street protests with the predictable result of a fresh spike in virus contagion and the possibility of a second lockdown. Like many activities in our national life lately, it’s another hostage racket, and, guess what, you’re the hostage....

Their most transparent artifice is the utterly false elevation of Joe Biden as their candidate for president. Everybody knows he’s incapable of performing the job, and probably even of functioning through a campaign....

All of this carnage to elect Joe Biden as president? Of course, in reality, we all know that he won't make it through his first term, or even his first year; the object is to elect his yet unspecified vice president. Or, as Kunstler quips, "In a matter of weeks, you may be sure, we’ll learn that the party is compelled to draft Hillary Clinton as poor Joe’s replacement... Her turn will not be denied, even if she has to destroy the country to take it."

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