The ethics of body invasion

Somehow America has transitioned from "land of the free" to "land of the vaccinated." Democrats are wont to chant "my body, my choice." Except when it comes to forced China Virus injections, it's another story entirely.

It's worse in Australia and New Zealand - see the Horror Of Australia’s Tyrannical China Virus Lockdowns. In Europe, hundreds of thousands are protesting forced vaccinations. See Some protest videos from August 29.

America is quickly catching up with Canada, where an Ethics Professor is threatened with dismissal for refusing the China Virus vaccine. This 5 minute video asks a question that everyone should consider. September 8, 2021:


More and more evidence indicates that the vaccine does not protect against virus variants. What's really going on? This article explains a lot:

The Snake-Oil Salesmen and the COVID-Zero Con: A Classic Bait-And-Switch for a Lifetime of Booster Shots (Immunity as a Service), by Julius Ruechel, September 2, 2021.


Compelling Perspectives on Politicization of the China Virus

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Biden Regime: Don't Worry, We'd Never Impose a Vaccine Mandate! [supercut], Grabie News, September 10, 2021:

Perfect summation of Vaxx mandates by European Parliament member

No vaccines, including Polio, have ever been federally mandated