The Exogenous Moral Orientation of Shape-Shifting Lizards

This interesting article presents a new perspective on the morality - or lack thereof - of the ruling globalist elite:

Bill Gates, the Global Depopulation Agenda, and What Is Actually Happening - Why certain theories of the current political order are wrong, and in fact understate the magnitude of the problem, by Eugyppius, 14 March 2023.

The article revolves around Gates' concern with overpopulation and whether he is trying to advance a clandestine global depopulation agenda, perhaps via China Virus mRNA vaccines. The author concludes that while Gates is concerned with overpopulation (legitimately so), his approach is much more pedestrian:

These [Gates] statements only begin to make sense, when you realise that they’re rooted in the sociological theory of demographic transition. This theory observes that, as societies advance technologically and economically, they shift from an order of high birth rates and high death rates, to an order of low birth rates and low death rates. Gates, who like all globalist elites is worried about environmental impacts from there being too many humans, believes that he can reduce the total peak population in places like Africa by introducing medical interventions to lower mortality and thereby guide populations to a low-birthrate, post-transition demographic pattern....

The banal truth is that Gates is an unoriginal flabby Western liberal. He’s worried about the environment, about population and about disadvantaged brown people, and he thinks he can solve all these problems by improving healthcare. This isn’t a defence of him. I happen to think he’s a malign influence and that if we can’t rein in the Gates’s of the world we’re finished, but that’s not because he’s bent on using mRNA vaccines to decimate humanity.

Here's where it gets interesting. The author asks, "If there isn’t a Global Depopulation Agenda, what’s going on, and how are all these ominous developments to be explained?" He then offers a sound explanation based on the classic Nature paper on Ideological differences in the expanse of the moral circle. He writes:

Among other things, the authors asked study participants identifying as “conservatives” and “liberals” (in the American sense) to indicate their spheres of primary moral concern. “Conservatives” tended to emphasise those spheres nearest to themselves – their immediate family, their more extended relatives, their friends – as bearing the greatest moral weight. “Liberals,” meanwhile, expressed the greatest moral interest in those spheres furthest from themselves – “all people on all continents,” for example, or “all mammals.”

Plotted as heat-maps on 16 concentric circles, where the first circle is “immediate family” and the sixteenth is “all things in existence”, the comparative results look like this:

 conservatives vs liberals

The author continues:

The heatmap on the right, meanwhile, represents the anomalous exogenous moral orientation (EMO) of politicial and cultural elites in the developed West, which “liberal” cannot even begin to describe, and which applies primary moral emphasis to circles 13 and 14. These are “all animals in the universe, including alien lifeforms” and “all living things in the universe including plants and trees.”...

While we aren’t exactly governed by shape-shifting lizards, we are governed by completely insane ideologues who would do the bidding of shape-shifting lizards – if necessary at our dire expense – were these ever to be discovered.

Digressing a bit into the realm of human biodiversity (HBD), another way of framing this is altruism. the principle of living and acting for the interest of others. It has been argued that altruism evolved as a consequence of northern European peoples ("ice people") living in harsh winter conditions. In such environments, altruism and forward planning resulted in increased group survival.

But EMO is perhaps a more relevant way to look at the moral aspect of the issue. The author reflects on changing social order and the rise of new managerial elites, who:

... have frequently pursued tactical alliances with outsiders or the lower classes to displace prior establishments – including, as the quiet revolution continues, prior managerial establishments. This is the primary function of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity initiatives in America today, and it obviously encourages and depends upon both orchestraters and beneficiaries to engage in radical EMO rituals.

The author contends that the problem is self-reinforcing, where "The more pronounced EMO is favoured by the governing elite, the more all politicians and persons of prominence in the West are specifically selected for this trait." He observes that we're facing a deeply entrenched moral and ideological system:

It explains the increasing prominence of animal (and even alien) protagonists in entertainment media, the overt preference for fringe sexual minorities, the predilection for supranational global political bodies and non-governmental organisations which transcend borders and national institutions.

It explains, in particular, why governing elites are so open to insane unprecedented policies like mass immigration. They no longer have particular national moral categories at all, and so they reluctantly embrace all of humanity, and preferentially all living things everywhere.

As a consequence,

... millions of people share the ideological anxieties of eccentric children like Greta Thunberg, manifest escalating indifference to adverse policy outcomes in their own countries...

It indeed appears that we're being ruled by ideologues with the malleable morality of shape-shifting lizards. We can only hope that it will be an extremely short-lived phenomenon.