A Few Post-Election Thoughts: Our Tumultuous Future

One of my dear friends in Washington DC wrote me right after the election results. He wondered how someone like John Fetterman, a man who has never worked a job in his life, and who faces enormous health problems that could kill him at any moment, won a U.S. Senate seat away from the highlly articulate Dr. Oz?

Because of my friend's background, he's very informed on all aspects of the immigration invasion intensifying on our southern border. The fact is, we have lacked any border enforcement for the past 22 months. We are no longer a sovereign nation.

So, my insider DC friend, what do you make of our dilemma?

"My biggest frustration is obviously that there was no red wave," he said. "Given how deplorable Biden's policies are and what an absolute wreck he has made of our country, if voters didn't repudiate that with new leadership, then when would they ever? Just how bad do things have to get to see a reaction?

"Half of Americans seem to have lost their instinct for survival, if not common-sense decision-making. The left keeps harping about "saving Democracy." What's more essential to the preservation of the Republic than being able to identify major problems in society and selecting new leaders who can fix them?

"I disagree with some of my fellow conservatives this is due to election fraud. Yes, it exists here and there and needs redress but attributing our losses and poor performance to that masks the far more consequential reasons for our slide: demography, indoctrination and censorship."

What are the three most dangerous aspects of what's going on in Washington DC that all of us, liberals and conservatives, facing?

"Demography is destiny and is inextricably linked to immigration," he said. "Importing tens of millions of poor, government-dependent foreigners into the U.S. who overwhelmingly vote for the party of big government is the Democrats' key strategy for maintaining an electoral advantage in all perpetuity. Just since Biden took office, 5,500,000 million aliens have entered our country along with 1.1 million reported "got-aways." No, they can't vote yet in federal elections, but they will, and by the way, a growing number of jurisdictions are now allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. And the millions allowed in under Obama, they are voting at all levels. Given the slim margins of victory we see now in elections, I fear we are witnessing a shift to permanent mathematical advantage for the Democrats.

"Indoctrination of young people is occurring at every level, not only schools but in work environments, entertainment, churches, and the military. "Give me just one generation of youth, and I'll transform the whole world."- Vladimir Lenin. Yep, Gen Xers showed up last night and robotically did what they were brainwashed to do.

"Finally, censorship occurring systematically throughout our culture chills civic debate and labels those who dare to argue as racists and haters who must be disenfranchised. It is an insidious intimidation tactic that effectively maintains the leftist status quo, particularly with Millennials and the aforementioned Gen-Xers. (We can hope Elon Musk prevails in liberating Twitter).

"All three combined means the Dems don't really need fraud to win; they've achieved their means far more comprehensively.

"The good news from last night's midterm is it appears conservatives will take the House. This is significant because it carries with it "power of the purse" authority that can reduce spending, grants oversight, subpoena and impeachment power, and of course means the GOP can stop legislation. Keep in mind that while Republicans didn't win by the margins they hoped for, taking the House was a step forward. Another positive is that DeSantis has primed all-important Florida for a 2024 run. Trump's re-election hopes are now dashed."

But how did the good people of Pennsylvania elect John Fetterman? What would cause 70 percent of Americans that say we're headed in the wrong direction - to re-elect U.S. Senators and House Members back into their seats of power?

"Yes, Fetterman. (Me slapping my forehead in sheer disbelief) Stroke or no stroke, he's still an idiot but with his level of current incapacitation, he ranks as America's all-time worst candidate. The fact that half of PA voters chose him is Exhibit A in how blind allegiance to leftism trumps all else. It's a truly shocking example of how mentality incapacitated extreme leftist voters are, and reveals - even more than the broader election does - the challenges we face making our case."

You gotta' ask, how much worse does the crime have to become? How many millions more refugees do we have to import before our society breaks down? How many more drug overdose deaths will it take to close our borders? How much more in debt do we have to fall before our entire system fails? When are we going to solve our problems rather than import more of them?


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