A Heck of a Mess With Our Multicultural Society: Race Supremacy

America degrades into the depths of an unhappy society in 2023 with all the charges of "racism" springing from schools, from entertainment, from employment, to reparations. There's not one day that passes without a headline about racism, white supremacy, white privilege, critical race theory, racist math, low pay based on race, ad nauseum.

Headline: "Schools use racist reparations math to indoctrinate black students with victimization. The 1619 Project teaches students' only solution to black wealth gap is money."

Journalist Ivan Rowe reported, "What I learned is that we as black people are still not free. Reparations can help close the wealth gap but instead the government and other citizens feel like they don't owe anything. But when it comes to low paying jobs, mainly colored people are working them. And most of them are hard laboring jobs."

Former teacher, and elected to the Maryland city council, African-American Kristen Mink last week said, "White people should be few, and with good reason, on the speaker lineup. Healing and unity have for so long meant disregarding the harms done to black, indigenous, and people of color for the comfort of white people."

If you watch "The View" or MSNBC's Joy Reid or Whoopi Goldberg or Al Sharpton, you would think every white American stands guilty of every racial sin since the dawn of history. If you watch Black Entertainment Television (BET), there are no white people in America. By reading critical race theory, a full 62 percent of Americans, percentage of whites in America, are guilty of being racist from the day they were born because of the color of their skin - that skin color is white.

African-American U.S. Senator Tim Scott, running for the presidency, may be the only leader in America stressing unity, racial harmony and equality of opportunity.

Having watched the racial scene in America since I was a military dependent, high school student, college guidance counselor, U.S. Army officer, inner-city teacher, long-haul trucker out of Detroit, 24 year volunteer ski instructor for the handicapped, traveler throughout all 50 states and six continents around the globe - I've gotten a close-up reality check as to intermingling races, religions and cultures.

What I discovered profoundly sobers me to the aspects of America's future. Not only have we imported millions out of the third world, but we've imported their cultural propensities. As you watch California degrade into chaos, it's sobering to note that nearly 30 percent of the Golden State's population is foreign-born. Another 45 million foreign-born inhabit every state in America. Note that they are changing America, dramatically and drastically.

Victor Davis Hanson, who wrote Mexifornia 25 years ago, a book illustrating how California has become a Mexican poverty hellhole, said recently, "And yet, I never saw in the slums of old Cairo or in the worst environs of Brussels and Naples, or amid the poverty of 1970s rural Turkey anything like what I saw in San Francisco this year and last. The undressed on Market Street and near Union Square were routinely smoking dope, injecting drugs, defecating, urinating, and in various states of pre-civilized behavior. The homeless enclaves of Los Angeles are worse. Were these scenes being filmed for The Last of Us?"

Having traveled through Los Angeles and San Francisco last summer, I can attest that the leaders of those cities have lost their minds, and over 100,000 homeless, mentally ill and drug addicts dominate large sections of those cities. But the same mayors, D.A.'s, and city councils that lost their minds in Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Detroit, New York, St. Louis, Denver, New Orleans, Baltimore and Miami. Outrageous criminal activity has become the norm - and it's supported by their leaders.

Hanson said, "The daily fare of the Fresno Bee is a recitation of high-speed wrecks, car jackings, fatal DUIs, and hit-and-run smash-ups. When I drive rural roads in central California, I expect that one out of five cars coming in my direction will be drifting into my lane, either due to incompetence, unfamiliarity with U.S. traffic laws (27 percent of Californians were not born in the U.S.), intoxication or drug euphoria - or texting."

With all the crime accelerating, talking heads like Whoopi Goldberg, House Member Corey Bush, Maxine Waters, Ilhan Omar and many more blame "white supremacy." Even Joe Biden, living in a dementia-clouded mind, makes "white supremacists" the greatest threat to America. Never mind that the divisive book, critical race theory, Inclusion, Equity, Diversity, and/or 7,000,000 illegal alien border jumpers, or Black Lives Matter have done more damage to this country in the past 27 months of Biden's administration - than any white people in America.

We've become a nation at odds with itself.

Hanson continued describing current-day America, "The basics of life, especially in our major cities - health care, safety, cleanlinesss - have reached medieval proportions.

"Or to put it more accurately, there are very different Americas. A sophisticated successful suburban America maintains more or less life as unchanged from the 1970s or 1980s and remains comparable to or better than what is found in Europe.

"And then there are red-state rural country sides and small towns that likewise are still civilized.

"But in a third of America in parts of the suburbs surrounding the major cities and the cores of almost all our major cities, life is truly third or fourth-world. The ERs are dirty, broke, and mostly exist to attend to evening gunshot wounds and other sorts of inner-city violence."

If we don't start talking about, "We as Americans need to come together," we will most surely tear ourselves apart. If we continue massive immigration, there won't be enough "patriotic and loyal" Americans left to keep this country together. With the projected 50 to 80 million more immigrants by 2050, do you think our country will survive?