High Treason in Germany

The immigration invasion / refugee situation is pretty bad in Europe. It's exponentially worse this year. As Americans, we don't hear that much about the particularly ugly aspects of the immigration invasion in Europe. One reason is that the European media whitewash the situation even more than they do here. Another reason is that the (perhaps deliberately) misguided European political leaders are actually promoting the invasion.

In the article An Exit Strategy for Traitors (ClubOrlov, November 3, 2015) Dmitry Orlov raises a number of pertinent questions relating to the invasion:

...Sane people are finding themselves isolated and helpless amid insane politicians, an antagonistic press, paralyzed communities and a large inert populace unable to even fathom what’s happening. I am of course talking about the so-called “refugee crisis,” but because even this name is working against us, I will call it what it really is—a war against Europe by means of invasion. It is now vitally important to call things by their right name, because this distinguishes friend from foe....

Ask yourself, why would millions of men (the overwhelming majority are young men) suddenly and collectively decide to leave their families behind, leave their country, travel thousands of miles and head for either Germany, Austria or Sweden, ignoring all the other safe countries on the way? Who told them that this would be worth it? Where did they all get the money to pay for it? Why was there absolutely no effort at any border to stop them? Why did this not start earlier?...

...look at the character of the average “refugee.” Why are they all well-fed, well-clothed, self-confident young men showing no signs of stress or hardship? Why are they leaving their families behind? Do they know their wives and children can follow them later? If so, how? Why do these men not want to stay behind and try to rescue their countries? Why do they all own high-quality mobile phones charged with seemingly endless minutes? It is clear that the “refugees” have been briefed on exactly what kinds of social benefits they can demand, and how to go about doing it, and so they are audacious and become violent if met with resistance. They even demand expensive medical treatments, which are granted and taken for granted. Why?...

...there is the little matter of collaboration and treason. Even if this is a genuine refugee crisis, why is that none of the policies of the German/European government make any sense? And why is the press acting continuously and uniformly in favor of their policies, and is downright hostile toward the European populace? If millions of people have to flee immediate peril, there are a lot of different ways to care for them without endangering the integrity of Europe and ruining several national budgets. But instead of discussing what to do, how to do it and how to pay for it, the plan seemed to be predetermined...

The political “solution” is to soak every city and town in Germany, Austria and Sweden with people of unknown origin and intention. Flanked by a press hailing the process, underestimating their numbers and suppressing reports of crimes committed by the “refugees,” damning and demonizing every form of opposition. Every branch of government, all authorities and parties, in concert with the press, stand should to shoulder in pushing this agenda against the overwhelming indignation of their citizens and closing their eyes to the fact that this is against the law. Censorship, propaganda, hate speech, defamation and open rejection of basic democratic rights against any opposition, are simply exploding right now...

I find myself in a nightmare unable to wake up. Most people feel helpless and unwilling to accept the sad truth: we have been betrayed by everyone (except perhaps the police and the military) we entrusted with our safety and our hopes for the future. Even though the end of the global economy in its current form seemed a given to me, this kind of treason and ill intent to bring it all down took me by surprise. Among the twenty or so people I talked to about this in confidence, absolutely everyone is convinced that this is heading toward civil war—and fast!...

The divorce between the government and the people is almost complete by now. No sane person believes the press or the politicians...

Once again, unquestioning obedience has taken over German society, but this time without the consent by the masses, because this time the final solution concerns them. The chaos that will follow will by no means be an accident: it is engineered and ordered.

Once again, yet another generation will have to answer to their grandchildren: How could you let this happen?...

The parallel between the immigration invasion in Europe and mass illegal immigration into the United States is all too obvious. In both cases, the invaders have an agenda to overwhelm the culture which they are colonizing - although this agenda is decidedly more pronounced in Europe. In both cases, the government is hell-bent on facilitating the invasion. In both cases, the media is complicit in demonizing those who object to being colonized.

Orlov draws attention to the divorce between the government and the people, which is nearly finalized in Europe. That's pretty much the case in the U.S., too. 

The United States lags but a few steps behind Europe's march toward cultural suicide. Perhaps sovereign Americans will put a stop to their elected government's destructive agenda. Perhaps the United States can be saved. I'm not so sure about Europe. 



The situation in Sweden mirrors that in Germany. In the video The Rape of Sweden, Pat Condell describes the omnipresent threat to European women, the overarching threat to European civilization, and the complicity of both the media and European governments in whitewashing the consequences of the invasion. Condell is spot-on direct and most assuredly not politically correct.


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The Camp of the Saints” is proving more prophetic than Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” or Orwell’s “1984.”...

One day soon, a voice will arise across the Atlantic calling for an end to this invasion, by force if necessary, and declare: “Let Europe be Europe!”

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Europe, still animated by the humanitarian values of its Christian civilization, is taking in the “refugees” despite Islamic State jihadists saying they are infiltrating and hiding among the “refugees”. Germany says it will take at least 500,000 asylum seekers per year. Finland is looking at increasing capital gains taxes to offset “higher immigration costs.” The EU has announced plans to impose a quota system aimed at settling 160,000 refugees. (ZeroHedge)

Meanwhile, the 5 richest Arab Gulf states — Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain — refuse to take in even one refugee, citing the risk of terrorism as their reason...

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Originally published in France, The Camp of the Saints has been described as the 1984 of the late twentieth century. The Social Contract Press is pleased to be able to offer a reprint of this gripping novel, which envisions the overrunning of European civilization by burgeoning Third World populations. (softcover, 316 pages).

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