A Methodical Path To Destroy America: The Butcher's Bill of Illegal Immigration

Re: A new amnesty bill is being jammed down our throats before Congress takes a break and the new Congress takes over.

Did you watch the video on Tucker Carlson last Friday night (Tucker Carlson, Fox News, Dec 2, 2022), where two minority kids in their twenties walked into an Apple Store in front of customers and swept $35,000.00 in products into their bags and walked out without anyone stopping them and no police chasing them? That kind of anarchy killed Detroit, Michigan 30 years ago. Detroit became a lawless, third world, hellhole. I lived and worked in Detroit at the time. White people vacated Detroit to the tune of 1.2 million who ran in fear of their lives. What did the Federal Government do? It replaced them with 300,000 middle eastern migrants who have deformed Detroit into an Islamic State where de facto Sharia Law now operates in violation of our U.S. Constitution. Yes, honor killings, FGM and multiple wives!

How do you kill a country? How did they kill the Roman Empire? How are they killing Europe early in the 21st century? How are they killing Canada? How do you kill America?

Answer: change the demographic makeup of the people who created any country. Once you finish them off, you've finished off the country. Here's how it's being done in America.

  1. Immigration depresses wages and salaries among manual laborers and professionals.
  2. When illegal migrants are amnestied and naturalized, it disrupts the voting balance to the advantage of the party giving them welfare and citizenship.
  3. Illegal and legal immigration cost you, the American taxpayer $116 billion annually. (Source: AIC Foundation)
  4. Illegal and legal immigration overloads our schools, so our kids are left behind.
  5. All immigration overloads the carrying capacity of a country.

Ask a few questions of what Americans face in the future because of this "planned" invasion of our country:

What illegals bring with them.
What illegals do once they're here.
What happens to those who don't make it.

What Illegals Bring: Drug Addictions by the Millions

According to reporter Hans Wanker, "The United States is in the midst of a nationwide epidemic, far deadlier and longer lasting than COVID-19. That epidemic is drug addiction, primarily the addiction to opiates and methamphetamines. The drug fentanyl, in particular, is especially deadly. Fentanyl is an extremely potent synthetic opiate, hundreds of times more powerful than heroin. It was first created in 1959 and began to be widely used recreationally in the 1970s. Its use since then has taken innumerable lives.

"Most illegal fentanyl in the U.S. today is produced in China and smuggled into our country from Mexico. Its availability as a street drug has mushroomed in recent years, accounting for a large proportion (at least 71,000) of the 109,000 overdose deaths in 2021."

Wanker continued, "White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre bragged last month on the alleged "success" of the administration in combating fentanyl smuggling, claiming as evidence the 200% increase in fentanyl seizures during July 2022. As the New York Post points out, however, the stepped-up seizure rate is merely an indication of just how much of the deadly drug is getting through. There is so much of it that America is currently experiencing 300 overdose deaths, much of it from fentanyl, every day."

The facts: Joe Biden has unleashed a Katrina Tsunami onto America. Expected deaths in 2022 will exceed 110,000 Americans. Every one of those victims' families may point their fingers to Joe Biden for their loved ones' deaths.

Wanker said, "The drug smuggling cartels have benefited enormously by the open-door policies of the Biden administration. The huge uptick in "asylum seekers" crossing our border with Mexico has pulled Border Patrol agents off patrol duty and occupied them with the hand-holding and baby-sitting functions necessary for processing. Drug/migrant smuggling cartels have learned to leverage this vulnerability by sometimes releasing large numbers of migrants at one point on the border to distract and preoccupy U.S. officials there, while they send drug smuggling "mules" across elsewhere. The Biden government has no more "secured the border" (Jean-Pierre's words) in regard to drug smuggling than they have secured it against illegal migrants themselves (of whom there have been at least two million so far and counting)."

The U.S. Border Patrol has released these figures for 2022: 5.5 million illegals have crossed our border. Another 1.2 million have crossed, but not registered for asylum. Another 2.00 million have crossed legally. They, in turn, have birthed 1.0 million anchor babies.

What Those Immigrants Do

Wanker reported, "Even migrants not directly involved in drug smuggling often bring criminal behavior with them when they come. Fox News reported in July that "crimes committed by illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] in the United States surged in fiscal year 2021 after declining in the years before that." According to the Fox report, illegals committed at least 1,178 violent crimes in 2021, a more than 400% increase over the previous year. Among those crimes were 60 convictions for homicide or manslaughter, a 1,900% increase. Drunk driving is another violation common among illegals, convictions rising 347% from 364 in 2020 to 1,629 in 2021. In recent years, approximately 7,500 Americans have been killed annually by unlicensed drivers, more than half of whom were illegal."

In 2016, the Political Action Committee of Americans for Legal Immigration estimated that more than 3,000 U.S citizens were losing their lives each year due to insufficient enforcement of existing border and immigration laws. That number is undoubtedly greater today.

And those who don't make it?

Deaths of American citizens being of little apparent concern to Joe Biden, what about deaths among illegal migrants themselves?

In addition, CBP agents were involved in 12,854 rescues in 2021, far exceeding the previous high of 5,335 set in 2019. So far this fiscal year, there have been 748 confirmed deaths along the border, again a certain undercount.

While most American are not directly affected by this invasion, each of us and all of our family members WILL be affected in the coming years. Once immigrants destroy our schools and cause massive illiteracy in our country, we will devolve into another "developing country" or, if we're honest, we will become a "third world country."

Illegal migration encouraged by campaign promises of American politicians is often a deadly business for the migrants trudging toward our borders. For many of those who make it to the U.S., it also becomes a deadly business for Americans, through violent crime, drunken and reckless driving, and the importation of lethal drugs. The only solution is border security and a firm resolve to deport those not legally entitled to be here. Under Biden, that won't happen.