The Real Story of January 6 - A Solid Documentary

I just purchased and watched the Epoch Times documentary "The Real Story of Jan. 6" (102 minutes). It was well worth the purchase price and the time invested to watch it.

I've been following events related to January 6. There is much more going on that our rulers and leftist mainstream media are not revealing. For example, unindicted operators. Detainment and torture without trial of Jan 6 political prisoners. Calling the protest and riot an insurrection when not a single person has been charged with insurrection under federal law.

I was fairly well-informed before watching the documentary, and I wondered whether it would consist mostly of crass sensationalism intended to incite an emotional response. It wasn't. It was indeed a well-produced documentary that touched on the human tragedy of the event while presenting concrete evidence revealing inept policing coupled with operators who incited the riot.

The documentary includes experts who explain the dynamics of the event. The documentary is narrated by Joshua Philipp, a senior investigative reporter at The Epoch Times, and host of “Crossroads” on EpochTV. The cast includes Kash Patel, Aaron Babbitt, Jake Lang, Geri Perna, Stan Kephart, Victoria White, Roman Balmakov, and Luke Coffey.

From EpochTV:

"The Real Story of Jan. 6," a documentary by The Epoch Times, reveals the truth that has been hidden from the American people. While a narrative has been set that what took place that day was an insurrection, key events and witnesses have been ignored, until now. The documentary takes an unvarnished look at police use of force and the deaths that resulted in some measure from it. The film asks tough questions about who was responsible for the chaos that day. With compelling interviews and exclusive video footage, the documentary tells the real story of Jan. 6.

What Really Happened on January 6?

While the dust from Jan. 6, 2021, has long cleared, it has been replaced by a smoke screen. A carefully crafted narrative has been set that claims the events of that day amounted to a "violent insurrection." This claim, however, does not match the facts. "The Real Story of January 6" takes an objective look at what happened through the eyes of those who were there. The Epoch Times provides the first comprehensive look into what really happened that day. The Truth can't be hidden.

I strongly recommend watching the documentary, "The Real Story of Jan. 6". If you haven't followed the issue, it's a great starting point. If you are fairly well-informed, the film will provide you with a better perspective on the event.


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‘It’s Time to Stand Up For Ourselves and Our Country’. In this second of a two-part interview with Victoria White, the January 6 defendant tells of the personal price she’s paid since her arrest. “Now I should be killed for being there?”, by Julie Kelly, December 10, 2021.

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The Parliamentary Motive Behind the J6 Fedsurrection, by Sundance, The Last Refuge, 12 March 2023:

This was a coup... it was a very organized and carefully planned coup. VP Pence without a doubt as well as most members of the house were quite aware of how the certification was going to be MANAGED. It would require new rules to prevent the debate clause from occurring! New rules that ONLY AN EMERGENCY CRISIS COULD CREATE! So, they created an emergency...

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