Refugees Beget Refugees Without End


On page 248 of her essential book, Adios America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into A Third World HellholeAnn Coulter writes, “One hundred percent of refugee and asylum claims are either obvious frauds or frauds that haven’t been proved yet.  The only result of our asylum policies is that we get good liars.”  She may have overstated the situation by a few percentage points, but she’s close.

Besides getting good liars, we get refugees who beget refugees.  One route is via chain migration, starting from a “seed” refugee. Another is the fact that some refugee-resettlement agencies are heavily staffed by … refugees! And, of course, those agencies’ very reason for existence is … to import refugees! So the continuing inflow of refugees amounts to their meal tickets.

For example, in a May 3rd post at her Refugee Resettlement Watch blog, Ann Corcoran extensively quotes an anonymous veteran of a resettlement agency.  Here’s the relevant sentence for our immediate subject here:

After working for several years for a refugee resettlement VOLAG [i.e. “voluntary agency” <==> federal contractor, leeching off taxpayers],  I was dismayed to see the following areas of irresponsibility. Before I begin, it should be noted that all of my co-workers, many former refugees, themselves, went beyond what the job calls for in assisting their refugee clients.

Emphasis added.

This brings to my mind a passage in an official document, the November 2003 Performance Audit Survey of Montana’s Refugee Assistance Program by our state government’s Legislative Audit Divison (pp. 2 – 3):

The [Department of Public Health and Human Services] contracts with the Refugee Assistance Corporation, a private corporation, to conduct daily operations and provide services to refugees. This group has provided resettlement services since 1978. The Refugee Assistance Corporation (RAC) includes a board of directors who serve in a voluntary capacity and provide direction and oversight. The corporation is located in Missoula. All staff are bilingual and bicultural and were once refugees themselves. Refugee Assistance Corporation staff act as liaison between refugees and local organizations and employers, helping the newly arrived families move toward a successful resettlement. Once basic living needs are met (shelter, food, medical services), RAC encourages refugees to become self-sufficient by focusing on individual and family support, advocacy, vocational training, and intensive job development.

Emphases added.

So I’ll match Ms. Coulter’s assertion and raise: Every facet of our immigration regime amounts to a victimization of the native-born American citizenry.

[Originally published on VDare].


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