Why has Faith Goldy been placed in social media jail?

Faith J. Goldy has published a four minute video: Race Against Time. But guess what? YouTube has put it in YouTube jail because it accurately discusses demographics in Europe, the UK, Canada, and America. YouTube, after all, doesn't want to offend anyone with factual information. So they let people view it but they hide it from search engines and links.

Here's the video - see for yourself:


Since this entirely facts-based vid has been put in YouTube jail & is leading to a MSM chorus of Soros journalists calling for me to be banned from FB... I welcome anyone and everyone to rip this video!!! Please upload it to your personal channels, embed to your Twitter or FB!


Faith Goldy has now been banned from Facebook and Instagram. For what - mass murder? Nope. For talking about demographics. And we can't have that on a free speech forum. Researching a bit, I found this article:

Faith Goldy Evicted From FaceBook, Instagram. Bookmark FAITHGOLDY.COM, VDare, April 9, 2019:

Faith Goldy has been banned from FaceBook and Instagram for talking about demographics. Still on Twitter on YouTube: for now.

B O O K M A R K https://t.co/frdHo4TgDf pic.twitter.com/vwCsEulYNu
— Faith J Goldy (@FaithGoldy) April 8, 2019


Somehow ’s state media had enough advance warning to get a piece out before even I found out! Bookmark https://t.co/THqYwXPkus right now. Our enemies are weak & terrified

They forget most revolutions were waged before social media! pic.twitter.com/bw9XnjLsOE — Faith J Goldy (@FaithGoldy) April 8, 2019


Faith Goldy's website shows that she supports national sovereignty and immigration sanity. She has an interview with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance: EU Ban For Thoughtcrimes?!


Here's another video Canada: No Place for White Men, by Faith Goldy. During the first 8 minutes, Faith explains her political activism. Watch it and then decide whether you think she should be banned by the internet thought police.


I did a DuckDuckGo search for "Facebook bans Faith Goldy" and found several pages of articles, all containing the phrases "dangerous alt-right groups", "white nationalism", and "separatism". It looks like the leftist mainstream media and blogosphere has repeatedly regurgitated hit pieces attempting to justify censorship and deplatforming of Faith Goldy.

One thing is abundantly clear: internet censorship is real, and it is immensely threatening.


Learn more about blatant Google and YouTube bias and censorship.

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