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31 March 2019
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Neither Lampedusa, nor Brussels, being European! is a stunning 5 minute video:



From National Front to European Civilization - An Interview with Jean-Yves Le Gallou, Unz Review, March 21, 2019:

... Le Gallou has been a relentless crusader for European awakening. He created the Polémia Foundation in 2002, a think-tank which focuses on denouncing the harmful effects of non-European mass migration and critiquing the biases of the French mainstream media....

"In fact, any person who criticizes immigration – at least in France, Germany, or Great Britain – will be demonized. The first man to be demonized in postwar Europe was Enoch Powell – a leading figure of Britain’s Conservative Party, a classics scholar, a brilliant man – who gave a speech opposing immigration and was politically destroyed as a result. There was no trace of anti-Semitism there.

Then there is the more recent case of Thilo Sarrazin in Germany, who though coming from the Social-Democrats, denounced immigration. His career was also destroyed. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party is also being demonized. As is the prime minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you oppose immigration, you will be demonized.... 

I feel very strongly that I am a European. We share the same civilization, challenges, and destiny as our European neighbors. However, the period in which I felt the least European was when I was in the European Parliament. It was a great globalist thingamajig with no European spirit....

We shared our vision of Europe – which is not the EU – in a video: "Neither Lampedusa, nor Brussels, be European!", which has accumulated 5 million views....

There should be a total halt in immigration to Europe from different or incompatible civilizations. We Europeans should highlight and build upon our common civilizational heritage. And perhaps we should build a shared European historical narrative: just as there is a national narrative in France or Italy, we could have a European narrative which would be the story of our achievements and discoveries, and of the battles which we fought together to save Europe, notably in the 14 centuries of struggle against Islam. Only if Europeans remember who they are, their deep history, will they be able to reclaim their identity and destiny."



The above statements make sense. Yet there is one paragraph near the end of the interview that seems to be inconsistent:

"I don't really support the narrow sovereignist discourse which is liable to cause problems between France, Germany, and Britain. I don't think Brexit is very interesting. It has made possible the reduction of Polish immigrants, but not of Pakistanis, Afghans, and others coming from the rest of the world. I think Frexit would be the wrong struggle even if the European Union does not work today. The problem is not the institutions as such but their political and ideological orientation...."

Le Gallou seems to support European identity and the end to unassimilable immigration into Europe. He seems to think that the EU could be fixed so as to support national interests, when in fact that is the very entity responsible for the disassembling of European civilization.



YouTube Blacklists Faith J. Goldy, Puts Her Video in Limited State, Purges from Search Results, CAIRCO, April 4, 2019. Watch the 4 minute video Race Against Time: