The world's most important map

John Derbyshire recently commented on VDare about the The World's Most Important Map, writing: "I hereby nominate David Becker's "Global distribution of national IQs from psychometric measurements and international school assessment studies, supplemented by geographical averages" as The World's Most Important Map."

Here is the map, showing in visual format the global distribution of national IQ:

Global distribution of national IQ


And then there is The World's Most Important Graph, which projects incredibly high population growth of Africa compared to Europe:

African versus European population growth


Derbyshire writes:

The 21st century, like any other century, will deliver many surprises. I feel pretty sure, though, that if you want to keep the number of surprises to a minimum, a good strategy would be to put the two Most Importants together, TWMIG with TWMIM, and stare hard at them for a minute or so before breakfast every day.


Mapped: Visualizing the True Size of Africa, VisualCapitalist, February 19, 2020:


True size of Africa compared to other countries - VisualCapitalist


"Somalia is not a humanitarian disaster; it is an evolutionary disaster", by Kevin Myers, August 10, 2014. This essay appeared in The Irish Independent.