Dialectic Negation Tactics

13 March 2023

How are leftists / Marxists effectively destroying America? A  Vlad Tepes blog post, 12 March 2023, suggests compiling a list of dialectic negation tactics:

Leftist policies unmasked:

Critical Race Theory = anti-white positioning, or negation of people of European descent.

Fanatically pro-Abortion = critical birth theory.

Multiculturalism = critical culture theory.

Global Warming = critical climate theory.

Transgenderism = critical sex theory

There are more of course. But the point here is understanding that, as we so often say, with the left, the point is never the point, the revolution is always the point. When we see the left agitating for some pseudo-reality nonsense, we need to understand what it is they are actually after if we have a hope in hell of fighting back effectively. If we take a side on a dialectical issue they create, they win we lose either way.

The article Leftism - a Hegelian spiral toward Marxism explains that the Hegelian dialectic is a never-ending spiral of discussion and compromise toward the goal as defined by the Left. The article explains that:

It's tough for those trying to understand and counter Leftism, especially if they are not aware that they are engaged in a Hegelian spiral. That is, an endless series of compromises that result in never-ending incremental steps toward Leftist goals.

You can't understand the Left without understanding the Left's objective (Marxism) and the fundamental mechanism by which it is achieved (Hegelian dialectic). Over the course of a generation we have seen America fundamentally transformed into a nation that previous generations would not recognize. Yet we have been conditioned in incremental steps to think that it is normal.

Thus Critical Race Theory - and indeed, critical anything theory - is an attempt to engage the Left's opponents in a dialectic. The end goal is to get the opposition to compromise, and then re-engage the dialectic in order to win ever more compromises, in an ever-descending spiral toward Marxism.

As the blog post notes above, it's important to be aware of this fundamental Leftist tactic, and not to engage in the dialectic. Just say no.