NATO, Globalism, Russia, and Ukraine

30 July 2023

In the following video, Col. Douglas Macgregor discusses NATO, Globalism, Russia, and Ukraine, and how globalists are trying to destroy America and Europe from within via mass immigration. He points out that NATO is an Appendage of globalist foreign policy.

Here is a 4 minute clip on twitter, 27 July 2023:

Colonel Douglas Macgregor explaine elite America's policies on borders and overseas wars:


"What they were always interested in doing is erasing national identities.

"We've been going through this process [of globalism] much longer than people realize. What they were always interested in doing is erasing national identities.

"They're convinced that the way to future utopia is to create a place where no one knows what or who they are. Except, of course, the globalists at the top who know that they're in control and ruling the world. So that means you have to destroy national identities, destroy borders, effectively subvert populations from within." @DougAMacgregor Jul 27, 2023


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Partial transcript by TS:

COLONEL DOUGLAS MACGREGOR: "The people that are today arguing for globalism are very similar to the people that wanted us to go to Viet Nam. Walt Rostow and his brother were advocates for going into South East Asia with the goal of building a new nation on the foundations of South Viet Nam. We've been going through this process, off and on, much longer than people realize. And what they were always interested in doing - particularly today's group - is erasing national identities. They're convinced that the way to future Utopia is to create a place where no one knows what or who they are - except, of course, the globalists at the top who know that they are in control and rule the world.

So that means you have to destroy national identity, destroy borders, effectively subvert populations from within by effectively convincing the majority population in any country that there is something wrong with them, that they can only improve by abandoning control of their borders and inviting millions of people into their country who are radically different from them, to dilute their identity, change their identity and ultimately erase any semblance of identity.

I think that's a very important concept that most people in Europe don't understand. I don't think we in the United States get it. But if you look at the policies that we've been pursuing, it makes excellent sense because the policies that we are pursuing are suicidal. They are designed to destroy us: open your borders, vet no one, let everyone come in and disperse into your population. Then you create internal divisions and fights and wars and conflicts within conflicts. And you have chaos. Chaos then allows those with vast quantities of money like Soros, who are the top of the pyramid, to exert absolute control: tell you how to live, what to believe and so forth.

And, of course, a Trojan horse in the midst of all of this is atheism, and nihilism and socialism. And we all know how socialism works. Anyone who lived in the so-called eastern bloc understands it. The state controls everything which means a small minority governs and everyone else is effectively reduced to some form of slavery. That's nothing that anybody with a brain wants, but that's where we are. We have these people in Washington and London and Paris and Berlin. And they're driving this war.

Now why go to war with the Russians? Well, because the Russians sobered up. They abandoned communism. If Russia were a Soviet State, I'm sure that all of the globalists would be applauding, since they see that as yet another path to the Utopia that they want to build. There used to be this thing called 'The Soviet Man.' The Soviet Man was this fictitious human being that would emerge over decades to replace all the various constituent peoples of the Soviet Union and, for that matter, Eastern Europe. And the joke, of course, in Moscow when the Soviet Union collapsed was, well, what happened to the Soviet Man. Everyone looked around and gosh you know what they found: Ukrainians, Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Uzbeks, Khazars, Tartars, Turks and so forth.

So it's a tragic event but right now Russia is seen as a nationalist state with a strong cultural identity — founded on Orthodox Christianity. Well, these things are all anathema to everybody in the globalist community. And to boot, they're sitting on top of some of the world's richest mineral resources, an abundance of agricultural development, food, food stuffs. They stretch from one ocean to another, so if you can get into Russia, if you can subvert the government, you can destroy the government and replace it with one of your own choosing — which is effectivvely what we did in Ukraine - well, then, you have access to all of these resources.

And I think the Russians understand this and it's why they decided that this is indeed an existential fight that they have to win."


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