The United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to Stop It.

18 May 2021
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Here's a book that is quite relevant to the regime that today is ruling America: United States of Socialism: Who's Behind It. Why It's Evil. How to Stop It, by Dinesh D'Souza, 2020.

This broader agenda for identity socialism includes getting rid of ICE and flooding the country with illegals. They want sanctuary cities that shelter illegals and prevent enforcement of the law. They seek to force citizens to pay for the healthcare of illegals. They support firing and ostracizing Americans for criticizing "Islamic terrorism" and for other forms of alleged Islamophobia. They revel in the digital censorship of views they regard as promoting "hate." They back lawsuits forcing churches to shut down for refusing to hold a gay wedding, as well as those compelling women in salons to shave the testicles of biological men who claim to be women.

What's the goal here? It goes beyond economic confiscation; I believe it is nothing less than to make traditional Americans feel like foreigners in their own country. The identity socialists seek an overturning of norms -- a redefinition of the American dream -- that would convert foreigners into natives, and natives into foreigners. An old Marxist concept, "alienation," is quite appropriate here. They seek to create a new form of belonging and, in the proces, a way to alienate us from our own society.

This is why, for many progressives and socialists, an illegal American is now the model American. Part of their plan is to change the national DNA, and to do this they intend to import illegals who bring -- in a quite literal sense -- new DNA. They seek a "remaking of America," to use Obama's phrase, that would make the country unrecognizable to those who created it and to many of us who love it and call it our own.

And what do these socialists intend to do with dissenters like me who object to their transformation? Some of them, at least, intend to "reeducate us" if necessary, to put us into gulags. I'm not kidding. Project Veritas secretly recorded two Bernie Sanders staffers saying precisely this. "There's a reason Joseph Stalin had gulags, right?" said Kyle Jurek. Even uncooperative liberals should be forced to undergo this reeducation, Jurek said. Such extremes were required, he added "because we're going to have to teach you not to be a f*ck*ng Nazi." A second Sanders field staffer, Martin Weisgerber, said he's ready to "guillotine the rich" and "send Republicans to reeducation camps."

For me, I confess, a socialist transformation of America along these lines would be traumatic. I left India and came here to "become American," and I have. Becoming American is not an easy process for an outsider; it is like walking on a tightrope between two buildings, and for much of the time you feel a kind of vertigo. You are in a no-man's land, belonging neither here nor there. But eventually I arrived at my destination,which is to say, I assimilated. Since then I have felt at home in America, and I have inevitably become isolated from India; in other words, I am now a foreigner in my native country.

But now these people want to destroy my American dream and make me an alien in my adopted country. I, for one, am not going to stand for it.

-- Dinesh D'Souza,


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