23 local Colorado officials tell Trump to open the refugee pipeline. WHY?

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The so-called "officials" never asked the people of Colorado for permission
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Refugee Resettlement Watch
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18 September 2020
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Colorado News
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23 local Colorado officials tell Trump to open the refugee pipeline. WHY?
KC Becker, State Representative, Boulder
Yadira Caraveo, State Representative, Thornton
Lisa Cutter, State Representative, Littleton
Stephen Fenberg, State Senate Majority Leader, Boulder
Stacie Gilmore, Councilmember, Denver
Julie Gonzales, State Senator, Denver
Michael Hancock, Mayor, Denver
Eva Henry, County Commissioner, Thornton
John Kefalas, County Commissioner, Fort Collins
Chris Kennedy, State Representative, Lakewood
Cathy Kipp, State Representative, Fort Collins
Robin Kniech, Councilwoman At-Large, Denver
Jacob LaBure, Councilman, Lakewood
Pete Lee, State Senator, Colorado Springs
Susan Lontine, State Representative, Denver
Dominick Moreno, State Senator, Commerce City
Crystal Murillo, Councilmember, Aurora
Deborah Ortega, Councilmember At-Large, Denver
Dylan Roberts, State Representative, Avon
Amanda P. Sandoval, Councilwoman, Denver
Lauren Simpson, Councilmember, Arvada
Sam Weaver, Mayor, Boulder
Steven Woodrow, State Representative, Denver


From the article 540 Local Elected Officials Tell Trump to Open Refugee Pipeline, Refugee Resettlement Watch, September 18, 2020:

I told you here that the refugee industry was working on a letter to the President urging him to get the refugee flow into America moving again.
Yesterday they sent the letter with 540 signatories.
By signing this letter, these elected officials have joined together to voice their commitment to welcoming refugees in their communities and reviving the United States’ legacy as a leader in refugee resettlement.
I notice something missing from the letter. It avoids giving the President a number, but the industry has made it very clear!
They want 95,000 refugees to begin arriving on October first.
The President could make a decision this month on how many refugees might be invited to live in the US in FY2021. He could also legally set the ceiling at zero...