This Afghanistan vet just blew up MSNBC’s entire Biden-simping Afghanistan narrative live on air

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17 August 2021
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National News
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This Afghanistan vet just blew up MSNBC’s entire Biden-simping Afghanistan narrative live on air. What a glorious takedown. Watch this.


US Abandons American Citizens in Afghanistan — Tells Them to Go Hide, by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, August 15, 2021:

... the United States abandoned its citizens in Afghanistan.

They told them to go hide.

Not even the airport is safe....

This is like Obama abandoning the Ambassador, his staff, and security team in Benghazi — only times one-hundred...

Video: Traffic earlier in Kabul as countless attempted to flee Afghanistan.

One of the flights out of Kabul:

One of the flights out of Kabul


Donald Trump explains how a withdrawal should be done, by Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, August 17, 2021:

Speaking with Miranda Devine at the New York Post, Donald Trump explained what he would have done:

    “We were going to not let people get slaughtered,” Trump said flatly. “I wanted to get out. But you have to get out safely and you have to get out with respect …

    “We had all sorts of conditions … All civilians were going to come out before the military. Everyone should have been out before they took our military out …

    “I was going to close this ridiculous embassy they spent a billion dollars on and move everybody out …

    “I was going to blow up every military base [before we left]. I was going to take out every single piece of equipment. I said, ‘I don’t want anything left [apart from] leave each soldier a gun …’

    “Plus, I had a relationship with the Taliban where they knew they weren’t allowed to do this. They understood they were going to get hit very hard … What I had was conversations with the [Taliban] leadership where I said, ‘If you do anything,’ we were going to hit them like they haven’t been hit before.”

Afghans clinging to a aircraft as it leaves Kabul. Then falling off:


Mayhem at Kabul airport:


The superb Andrew Bolt of Sky News does a kind of dry-Mark-Steyn like analysis of the Afghan situation (via Vlad Tepes blog):


The Scale of Humiliation - The Fall of Kabul, by Mark Steyn, August 15, 2021:

Indeed, what difference would it make if it closed down its military? Obviously, it would present a few mid-life challenges for its corrupt Pentagon bureaucracy, since that many generals on the market for defense lobbyist gigs and board directorships all at once would likely depress the going rate. But, other than that, a military that accounts for 40 per cent of the planet's military spending can't perform either of the functions for which one has an army: it can't defeat overseas enemies, and it's not permitted to defend the country, as we see on the Rio Grande....

The scale of America's global humiliation is so total that I see my friends at Fox News cannot even bear to cover it. As I write, every other world network - the BBC, Deutsche Welle, France 24, not to mention the Chinese - is broadcasting the collapse of the American regime in real time; on Fox, meanwhile, they're talking about the spending bill and the third Covid shot and the dead Haitians if the totality of the defeat is such that for once it cannot be fixed into the American right's usual consolations ("well, this positions us pretty nicely for 2022").

On the leftie side, of course, the court eunuchs have risen as one to protect the Dementia Kid, and are working as hurriedly as the Kabul document-shredders in an effort to figure out a way to blame it all on Trump.

But don't for a moment think this is just some rushed, bungled, memo-incinerating abandonment of the US embassy. State Department diplomats have been preparing this move all summer, under cover of a highly sophisticated deflection operation on their Kabul Twitter feed:

    The month of June is recognized as (LGBTI) Pride Month. The United States respects the dignity & equality of LGBTI people & celebrates their contributions to the society. We remain committed to supporting civil rights of minorities, including LGBTI persons. #Pride2021 #PrideMonth

I do hope they've managed to evacuate the embassy's LGBTQWERTY flag before the sacking commences.

One of the depressing aspects of the Swamp is that everything becomes a racket - including even your armed forces....

Up to 40,000 Americans Stranded in Afghanistan, Breitbart, August 17, 2021. Pentagon: 700-800 People Evacuated in Last 24 Hours… Only 165 Americans, Breitbart, August 17, 2021. Biden Will Not Prioritize Americans Over Afghans in Afghanistan Evacuation, Geller Report / Breitbart, August 16, 2021.

Hannity Reports “From 10,000 to AS MANY AS 40,000 Americans Are Trapped Inside Afghanistan” – Taliban Is Blocking Access to Airport (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, August 17, 2021.

Afghanistan—Joe vs. Swamp (Except He's Bringing "Translators" Here!), by Ann Coulter, August 18, 2021:

President Trump, that weathervane of popular opinion, tweeted—one month before the election –- quote: “BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME.”

Now Biden has done it. It’s our country’s good fortune that our president is too senile to be outmaneuvered by the generals as Bush, Obama and Trump were....

But for maximum brain-deadery, nothing beats the liberal media’s incessant bleating about our moral obligation to Afghans who “risked their lives to help us!”

There seems to be some confusion about who was helping whom here. Our “Afghan allies” were not helping us. The Taliban weren’t in Iowa. We were helping them....

We’ve already brought about 50,000 translators to the U.S. and, as Daniel Greenfield points out on the maximum number of troops we ever had in Afghanistan was 100,000. That’s one translator for every two troops....

With 100,000 “translators,” each of their four wives, 14 children and innumerable uncles and cousins all coming here, Al Qaeda’s next training ground will be America.

*100,000* Afghan Refugees Coming Here???!!! Why Not Settle Them Amid Co-Ethnics In The 'Stans?, by John Derbyshire, VDare, August 13, 2021.


At this point, this question seems pertinent:

Did the Biden Regime deliberately intend to humiliate America via an orchestrated botching of the Afghanistan surrender?

After all, the overall agenda of our governing elites is to dismantle America and rebuild it according to their grand authoritarian, New World Order socialistic agenda.

Yet upon reflection, it really doesn't matter whether the Biden regime did this deliberately or as a result of incompetence. The end result is the same.