All it Took for Treason to Triumph was for the Supreme Court To Do Nothing!

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What will history reflect about the “excuse” of Chief Justice John Roberts' Court? So far, anemic legalese cannot cloak cowardice
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Dennis Jamison
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Canada Free Press
Article date: 
10 March 2021
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Our American Future
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... ike the Pennsylvania case before it, the justices saw no value in cracking such a hard nut as election fraud. As seriously disappointing as these two remaining cases before them, the rejection of the Texas lawsuit last year was the “handwriting on the wall” of the future that would befall the United States....

With cowardice as the chosen path, as opposed to courage to actually protect and defend the Constitution, the majority of justices who chose to do nothing will truly be remembered by accurate history as a body of previously respected and trusted people, who by their ignorance of the urgency for their need to act courageously, or by their own cowardice, failed to act responsibly for the sake of the Republic.
Last year, as the Supreme Court rejected the Texas lawsuit, all kinds of comments from constitutional scholars and wanna-be constitutional experts were made, but despite the predictions and the prophecies, the Supreme Court now enabled a fraudulent-ridden and illegitimate election in 2020 to stand as a precedent in American history. The most notable characteristic of the high court in a time in which their country most needed them was one of inaction or indecision. And, although it is misattributed a great deal, the old adage applies: all it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. In this case treason has triumphed.
The United States of America will never be the same nation from this point if we do not have fair and honest elections. We no longer have a Free Republic. What remains in our nation is a shell of what the Founders have created. The various factions who could care less for the Judeo-Christian values at the heart of our nation, or the fundamental principles and ideals embedded in the foundation of our nation, have secured control of the federal government as well as several state governments. And, the conspirators are crowing about it....
Ball’s article reveals simply the “tip of the iceberg” rather than the entire realm of those Democrat-Leftist-Marxist-Progressive intellectuals and organizers who hated President Trump, who worked in the shadows to undermine election integrity by “fortifying” or by “saving” the election in their own minds. However, a deeper question would be: Just how far would Marxist sympathizers, Communists, and globalist Never-Trumpers go to undermine an election?...