Audacious Items Included in $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill -The Raping of America

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Gateway Pundit
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21 December 2022
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National News
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As reported in the article, here is a summary of audacious items in the $1.7 spending bill:

"The Omnibus bill is over 4,000 pages long with $1.7 trillion in spending. It prohibits the government from spending any money to be used to improve US border security. WHO WROTE THIS? CHINA?"

  • It expressly prohibits CBP funding from being used to improve border security.
  • This provision nearly doubles the 66,000 available H2B visas (temporary low-skilled workers).
  • But the US will pay for border security in Middle East countries and 1.4 billion for membership in global organizations.
  • $1,438,000,000 for membership in global multilateral organizations, including the UN.
  • $65 million on salmon. $65.7 million for international fisheries commissions.
  • $575 million for “family planning” in areas where population growth “threatens biodiversity.”
  • $477k for “antiracist” training from the Equity Institute
  • $3 million for the LGBTQ+ museum in NYC
  • $1.2 million in “services for DACA recipients”
  • $4.1 million in various career programs for one of the richest counties in the US (Fairfax)
  • Half a billion for the DEI and minority health research.
  • $200 million in a gender equity fund
  • Vax injury trust fund: $15.2 million.
  • $7.5 million to better understand the “domestic radicalization phenomenon,” plus $1 million for gun violence research.
  • $26 million for House of Representatives has an Office of Diversity and Inclusion.


Another Nasty Surprise: GOP Sellouts Gave Biden Regime $11 MILLION to Target Gun Owners in Repulsive Omnibus Bill, Gateway Pundit, 23 December 2022.

Here’s The List of Sleazebag Republicans Who Betrayed Us and Voted For Obscene Omnibus, Geller Report, 21 December 2022:

GOP in favor:

Roy Blunt, Missouri
John Boozman, Arkansas
Shelley Capito, West Virginia
Susan Collins, Maine
John Cornyn, Texas
Tom Cotton, Arkansas
Lindsey,Graham, South Carolina
Chuck Grassley, Iowa
Cindy Hyde-Smith, Mississippi
Mitch McConnell, Kentucky
Jerry Moran, Kansas
Lisa Murkowski, Alaska
Rob Portman, Ohio
Mitt Romney, Utah
Mike Rounds, South Dakota
Mark Rubio, Florida
Richard Shelby, Alabama
John Thune, South Dak0ta
Tommy Tuberville, Alabama
Roger Wicker, Mississippi
Todd Young, Indiana

Senate Republicans Betray the Base, by Dominick Sansone, American Mind, 21 December 2022.

Merry Christmas From The Swamp! Senate Passes Omnibu$ Bill. Another $1.7 Trillion, Breitbart, 22 December 2022.

$45 Billion Headed to Ukraine, Breitbart, 23 December 2022.

Here Are A Dozen WOKE Horrors In Massive Omnibus Plunder, Geller Report, 23 December 2022:

The omnibus spending bill is loaded with thousands of earmarks , which are line-item funding for specific pet projects directed by members of Congress. Many of these earmarks would advance the Left’s extreme agenda and fund its institutions using the taxpayer’s money. House Appropriations Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., bragged that the omnibus “fulfills 98% of Democratic member requests in the House, with $5.4 billion for 3,213 Democratic projects.”

The types of woke-waste line items that some Senate Republicans will help fund, unless they change their minds, include these 12 projects:

  1.     $1.2 million for “ LGBTQIA+ Pride Centers ” and another $1.2 million for “ support services for DACA recipients ” (aka helping illegal aliens with taxpayer funds) at San Diego Community College.
  2.     $477,000 for the  Equity Institute  in Rhode Island to indoctrinate teachers with “antiracism virtual labs.”
  3.     $1 million for  Zora’s House  in Ohio, a “coworking and community space” for “women and gender-expansive people of color.”
  4.     $3 million for the  American LGBTQ+ Museum  in New York City.
  5.     $3.6 million for a  Michelle Obama Trail  in Georgia.
  6.     $750,000 for “ LGBT and Gender Non-Conforming housing ” in Albany, New York.
  7.     $2 million for the “ Great Blacks in Wax ” museum in Baltimore.
  8.     $856,000 for an “ LGBT Center ” in New York.
  9.     $750,000 for the “ TransLatin@ Coalition ” to provide “workforce development programs and supportive services for Transgender and Gender nonconforming and Intersex (TGI) immigrant women in Los Angeles.”
  10.     $2 million for “ MLK Labor ” in Washington, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO that  expelled Seattle police officers  from union ranks.
  11.     $956,000 for “ The Equity Incubator at the Universities at Shady Grove ” in Maryland.
  12.     $791,200 for “ equitable energy resilience and EV infrastructure ” in Sonoma, California.

Rand Paul’s Annual ‘Festivus’ Report: $482,276,543,907 in Government Waste, Breitbart, 26 December 2022

... According to Paul, the DOD wasted millions this year, including $28 million on “camouflage” uniforms that did not work....

The DOD also spent $192,952 on what the report describes as “top-of-the-line” Starbucks espresso machines...

The NIH also wasted a significant amount of money. That includes $2.1 million on encouraging Ethiopians to wear shoes, $2.3 million injecting beagle puppies with cocaine, $1.1 million on “training mice to binge drink alcohol,” over $519,000 using mice to study racial aggression, and $187,500 on “verifying that kids love their pets.”

According to the report, the pet grant went to Kent State University, which used the funds to apparently “verify that the relationship between pets and children is beneficial to mental health.”...

Other highlights directly from the report include:

        Maintaining 77,000 empty Federal buildings (GSA)... $1,700,000,000
        Helping illegal immigrants avoid deportation (DHS)... $168,000,000
        Overpaying government contractors for a terminated contract (GSA)... $69,000,000
        Using COVID relief funds to construct an 11,000 square foot spa... $140,000,000
        Watching hamsters fight on steroids (NIH)... $3,000,000
        Studying the romance between parrots (NSF)... $689,222
        A radio campaign telling drivers to stop at railroad crossings (DOT)... $200,000...


Omnibus Fraud, by Whitson G. Waldo, III, American Thinker, 27 December 2022:

The nefarious $1.7 trillion Omnibus spending bill was passed by progressives in both parties.

This bill funds bigger government for fiscal year 2023 through September. The bad news is that progressives seized on an initiative to eviscerate the incoming Republican House majority for half of their term. The good news is this bill should not stand because it is unconstitutional. The best news will be when something is done about that....

The House has authority to initiate spending under the Origination Clause of our Constitution which is Article 1, Section 7, Clause 1. This clause gives power to the House of Representatives to originate revenue bills and supply government. Obviously, it is a power revolving in time, coincidental with terms of office. The House, being elected politicians closest to the people because of their short term of office, has authority and responsibility to tailor government spending to best match the will of voters.

The 117th United States Congress has exceeded their authority past their term limit by usurping the authority of the 118th Congress....

If what the 117th Congress did was constitutional, then there would be nothing to prevent the 117th Congress from passing an Omnibus spending bill for fiscal year 2024, too....

The Omnibus spending bill passed by the 117th Congress for fiscal year 2023 is unconstitutional.... The first thing the incoming House Republicans should do after being sworn in is declare the Omnibus spending bill unconstitutional. Now we shall see of what substance Freedom Caucus members are made. If this isn’t a hill to die on, then there are no such hills....


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