Biden's Border Scam Shuts Down Nothing, Makes Invasion Permanent

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5 June 2024
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National News
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... Joe Biden is expected to sign an executive order Tuesday that would allow his regime to halt asylum claims at the US-Mexico border once apprehensions reach 2,500 per day. Yes, you heard that right: AFTER apprehensions hit 2,500 per day. Talk about closing the barn door when the horse has already bolted - but actually, it’s even worse than that. This is nothing more or less than an executive order that essentially cements the "legal" crossing of illegals but caps it at a certain number. This does nothing to truly close the border or stop the flow. Like everything Biden does, it’s smoke and mirrors around an election...

The entire move is nothing more than a disastrous political stunt...

But don’t worry, Biden’s media lapdogs will spin this “border closing” into an election-time “victory,” even though Joe’s already allowed in millions of unvetted illegals and is doing nothing to actually stop the madness...


Biden’s Immigration Order Will Normalize 2 Million Migrant Entries Yearly, Breitbart, 5 June 2024.

The Most Obvious Political Gaslighting Effort in Modern History, by Sundance, The Last Refuge, 5 June 2024:

... Joe Biden’s first day in office he reversed all of the border security measures President Trump had put into place – specifically, the remain in Mexico policy...

Joe Biden’s first day in office he reversed all of the border security measures President Trump had put into place – specifically, the remain in Mexico policy.  Now, with massive backlash starting to permeate the American electorate as the consequences of lawlessness are hitting hard, Joe Biden pretends he is not to blame for an unsecured border.

This is the biggest attempt at political gaslighting in modern history...

Don't Be Fooled By Biden Lies - All An Illegal Alien Has To Do To Be Exempt Is Say "Asylum", by Federale, 6 June 2024:

So, the new Biden Regime policy on asylum at the land border with Mexico is out. Don’t be fooled. Nothing has changed. Catch-and-Release for illegal aliens who claim asylum will remain and be unimpeded. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Fact Sheet clearly states that if an alien claims or manifests a fear of return or says the magic word “asylum,” that illegal alien gets to remain in the United States.

The bait: Illegal aliens arrested at the border with Mexico, and the border with Mexico only, will not be able to claim asylum...

Then the switch: Immediately after any claim of fear or asylum, the restriction on claims ends. Anyone who claims asylum or fear of return will be placed in the asylum system. The only change is that the alien must make an overt claim of asylum or claim any fear. So just say “asylum,” and the alien remains in the United States indefinitely...


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