Biden Regime declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans in speech ordering mandates on two-thirds of ALL workers

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"My body, my choice" - yeah, bullshit
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Emily Gordon
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Daily Mail
Article date: 
9 September 2021
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National News
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  • The Biden Regime slammed the 80 million Americans who have yet to get a COVD vaccine shot, asking them 'what more is there to wait for'
  • 'We've been patient but our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us,' he said
  • He ended his nearly 30 minute speech with a whispered plea: 'Get vaccinated'
  • Biden announced an aggressive new plan to get 100 million employees across the federal government and private sector vaccinated
  • Labor Department to issue a temporary order to require all businesses with 100 or more employees to have them vaccinated or tested weekly
  • Biden will require all federal workers to be vaccinated
  • Workers will not be given the option of testing out
  • There will be limited exceptions but any federal employee who refuses the shot can be fired, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday 
  • Federal employees and contractors will have 75 days to get vaccinated
  • Biden's remarks come as COVID cases continue to rise due to Delta variant

Biden’s vaccine mandate speech!, by Patricia McCarthy, American Thinker, September 10, 2021:

Thursday, President Biden delivered the most insulting, contemptuous and divisive speech by a president in US history....

His is the most destructive administration in history. He set out to undo the many successes of President Trump and he has done exactly that: opened the border to all comers, ended our energy independence, destroyed the economy and job market and instigated the worst inflation since the Carter administration...

His catastrophically idiotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has awakened previously unengaged citizens to the depth and breadth of Biden’s malicious incompetence. He wanted to brag about ending the war in Afghanistan on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11, so he ordered American troops to cut and run in the middle of the night, leaving $90b worth of US materiel to the Taliban terrorists. Afghanistan is now the best-armed terrorist state on the planet. ...

In his speech Thursday, he falsely blamed the unvaxxed for “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.” Most of the new cases are among the fully vaccinated, both here and abroad. It is the vaccines that are creating the variants. Every honest doctor/scientist says exactly that....

There are of course many theories about why the powers that be in numerous nations around the world are so determined to shame every human to submit to an experimental gene therapy jab that will permanently alter their DNA. Australia and New Zealand have lost their collective minds and have transformed themselves into fascist police states right down to keeping their people locked in their homes and monitoring how much alcohol citizens may consume....

Biden’s speech demanding every person submit to an experimental vaccination was an abomination, an actual horror. How dare an American president speak to the nation the way he did, as if we are all imbeciles, as if we are unable to access the volumes of information about the dangers of the vaccines? ...

This speech proved once and for all just how malevolent Biden and his fellow Marxists actually are, how determined they are to transform America into a version of communist China, social credit system and all....

Joe Biden is not incompetent: He is doing exactly what he was hired to do — collapse America, Leo Hohmann, September 10, 2021:

Joe Biden is a man in obvious cognitive decline. But he is not crazy, stupid or incompetent.

Biden knows who he is and for whom he works. He is a stooge for the global Great Reset and he is doing his job exactly as it was assigned to him by his superiors.

His job, in fact the whole purpose of his dubious presidency, is to precipitate the following:

  • Collapse the supply chain, the dollar and ultimately the American economy.
  • Collapse the American military and embolden enemy forces.
  • Collapse the American healthcare system.
  • Collapse the American border.

Biden is well on his way to accomplishing all four of the tasks laid out for him by his handlers, who themselves are puppets working for the goals and values of the power elites at the World Economic Forum, global corporations, the United Nations and other globalist entities.

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No vaccines, including Polio, have ever been federally mandated


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